It’s time to get loud and proud, Hamilton!

The Hamilton Pride 2017 committee came together after an open LGBTQ town hall in November 2016 where they asked the community what they would want to see in Pride celebrations. Interested community members joined together to produce the fantastic Pride events this month, in collaboration with local partners and sponsors.

This year’s Pride committee focused on the following core values when ​programming the festivities: Solidarity Building, Inclusivity, Political, Historical, and Safety.

“It’s that time of year when we come together as a community and celebrate who we are and how we love,” says Hamilton Pride Committee Chair Kate Dalton. “Our LGBTQI2+ communities have redefined the meaning of love and family in ways that better take into account the breadth of the human experience. This Hamilton Pride, let’s be present for each other, educate ourselves, express ourselves and enjoy each other’s company in recognition of the awesomeness that we bring as individuals and the revolutionary fabulousness we are as a whole.”

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Image from Pride Hamilton