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I have been hearing so much enthusiasm over a new coffee shop to Hamilton, Cannon Coffee Co. I was pleased to hear about this new attraction in the City’s East End, and since I do enjoy a good cuppa Joe, I was excited to finally check it out. It was a beautiful day, and if it weren’t for such a blustery wind, it would have felt even more like a spring day.

The coffee shop has a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere – sunny, bright, and inviting. It was bustling as patrons came in and out to grab some coffee to go, while some came to sit for a while. There were mothers with their kids, and one girl sat down and lost herself in a book while sipping her coffee.

I grabbed a seat on one of the bright yellow chairs while my dad, who accompanied me, took a seat on the royal blue bench. It was nice to just sit and take in the surroundings. I enjoyed the music being played – during my time there I heard some John Legend and a couple tunes by one of my favourites, Florence and the Machine.

I chatted with co-owner, Cindy Stout, who was so sweet and friendly. She and Anne Cumby have done an amazing job getting everything up and running, and really catering to this area which is ideal for a coffee shop like this. The giant window at the front makes the space feel open and airy, even though it is fairly small. We joked about being able to see the oncoming traffic as it whizzes by, since Cannon is right on the corner, and Cindy noted it creates some adrenaline! She also mentioned that with the warmer weather coming in, they may arrange a patio area in the back, which is a great idea.

Latte and pear almond muffin top

I’ve heard from more than one source that Cannon has the best latte in the City. After trying it, I can certainly see why! It was delicious. I look forward to sampling more of their drink menu, and more of their tasty treats. They post their daily soup and sandwich options on Facebook and Twitter. On Saturdays and Sundays they serve waffles, which I absolutely cannot wait to try! I’ve been on the hunt for waffles lately, so this is perfect. This time I tried one of their muffin tops, which we all know is the best part of the muffin, and I’m a tad perplexed as to how those are actually made. I decided on the Pear Almond to compliment my latte and it was delightful. My dad went with a cinnamon bun to go with his coffee. We were interested to note that they use a pour-over brewing method for making coffee, making four cups at a time.

Pear waffles

Hamilton is really developing into quite the coffee community; it seems as though shops and roasters are popping up all the time. Cannon serves locally-roasted coffees from Detour, Red Hill Coffee Trade, and the award-winning Speakeasy.

I can tell Cannon will be a frequent visit for me and I can’t wait to pop by again!

– Kristin

Update: I returned on April 1st, to kick of my Birthday Week festivities in the absolute best way – waffles! I was so excited to finally try them. This time I also got to chat with co-owner, Anne. With different flavours every weekend, these waffles were pear, with walnuts sprinkled on top, and goat cheese whipped cream. Delicious!

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