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My friend Luisa’s birthday is August 7th, and it just so happens that one of her favourite restaurants in the city is August 8. It had been a while since we had an all-you-can-eat sushi feast, so it was an opportune time to go (on August 6th, just to make things even more confusing).


A quick rundown of our selections:
Hot and Sour Soup
Deep Fried Spring Rolls
Pumpkin Tempura
Chicken Fried Rice
Vegetable Udon
Yam Tempura Hand Roll
Crab Meat Hand Roll
California Rolls
Cucumber & Avocado Rolls
Mango & Crab Rolls
Yam Tempura
Salmon Teriyaki
Dessert – Steamed custard buns, deep fried bananas, and sesame seed balls.

Crab Hand Roll and Yam Tempura Hand Roll
Crab Hand Roll and Yam Tempura Hand Roll

We liked how the dishes were paced so that not everything was brought over at once. There was time in between to breathe and savour what we ate. Everything was fantastic but I particularly liked the flavour of the Chicken Fried Rice. The Hot & Sour Soup was slightly too spicy for me, but Luisa could handle it, even ordering a second little bowl.

The Mango & Crab sushi rolls were new for me. They have a sweet flavour which was a nice contrast to the other rolls we got. We covered our bases and got our usual standbys, overall. We were quite pleased with our choices.

Mango & Crab Rolls, California Rolls
Mango & Crab Rolls, California Rolls


California Rolls and Cucumber & Avocado Rolls
California Rolls and Cucumber & Avocado Rolls

At first, the Salmon Teriyaki was brought to our table by mistake, but Luisa thought it looked so good that we added it into our second order, along with some more of those Mango & Crab sushi rolls. Of course, we had to add a few dessert dishes to that order as well.

Our desserts looked so cute, each in pairs. Some tasty ice cream flavours are also on the menu, but we didn’t push it!


On our last sushi trip we had the deep fried bananas and Luisa recommended the steamed custard buns and sesame seed balls, which were new to me. When we received the basket of warm custard buns, I joked that they looked like onions. Picking one up, I exclaimed, “It’s so squishy!” They are tasty little things and are also used in savoury dishes.

Needless to say, we pretty much rolled right out of the restaurant. August 8 also has locations in Burlington and Oakville. I’ve had many people tell me it’s their favourite in the city – now I know why.

– Kristin

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