Chuck’s Burger Bar 194 Locke Street South

Oh, Chuck! It took me a while, but I finally got to you.


The burger bar is small and you can tell a favourite of many. I can’t imagine a time when it wouldn’t be bustling with customers. My friend Luisa and I were pleased to snag a table at the window, overlooking Locke Street. Then we had to hunker down with the menu and make the important decision of our first meal at Chuck’s.

An interesting tidbit I learned from picking up their business card – the people behind Chuck’s are also behind The Harbour Diner.


Rather than creating our own burgers, we trusted in Chuck and went with signature burgers off the “Chuck’s Favourites” menu. They all come with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles, and then add on premium toppings.

I decided on the Turkey Brie & Pears (grilled turkey burger, creamy brie, grilled bartlett pears, cranberry jelly and black pepper & chive mayo) and Luisa went with the Spanish Gouda & Wild Mushrooms (Angus beef, 2 year old Spanish gouda, sautéed wild mushrooms, chive & black pepper mayo). They came with tons of fries, some coleslaw, and a pickle. Paired with a couple Mill St. Organic beers, and we were set.

Turkey Brie & Pears
Turkey Brie & Pears
Spanish Gouda & Wild Mushrooms
Spanish Gouda & Wild Mushrooms

Besides burgers, Chuck’s various poutines also sound amazing – Poutine Québécois, Lobster Poutine, Grilled Veggie Poutine, Chilli & Chesse Poutine… did I mention they have poutine? If that wasn’t enough, the burger bar has appetizers, sliders, salads, and wings.

With a second location also on the way, you haven’t seen the last of me, Chuck!

– Kristin

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