Newold’s 240 James Street North

After lunch at WORK, Seema (of This Must Be The Place) and I continued exploring along James North. Seema told me about a brand new vintage shop called Newold’s and we decided to stop in.


Right as we opened the door, we were greeted by a gentle white cat that we were careful not to let escape. That was a great icebreaker to meet owner Airin McGuinty, who told us the cat (Noodles!) was a stray who was hanging around when she opened the shop in time for last month’s Art Crawl.

As it turned out, Noodles just gave birth to a litter of little Noodle’s! Airin let us take a peek at the kittens, which were all cozy in a little pen. I managed to get a photo as Airin held one; they were so sweet and impossibly tiny.

Coincidentally, Airin asked Seema and I if we had ever been to WORK (crazy, since we just came from there!), adding that WORK’s owner Joel was about to take in Noodles to look after her. Full circle, indeed!


Chatting with Airin, we learned that she is new to the city (from Toronto) and began collecting vintage when she was just 13. It’s clear she has a great eye – I really liked so many of the pieces and look forward to popping by again to do some proper shopping. I’m in need of a wardrobe revamp for the summer! When I asked where she finds the pieces, she said she likes garage sales the best, where she gets to hear the stories behind the garments. Airin previously sold her collection, Reservoir Vintage, at markets in Toronto.


I like the decor of the space – definitely a vintage feel and lots of colour. Along with clothes, shoes, and accessories, they have little trinkets like stickers, cards, and matchboxes. They even have kids’ clothing, which I pointed out to Seema. I could see her son Omi in some of their fashionable threads! You can also find the line Replica Clothing, designed by Rebecca Duyzer. Follow Newold’s on Instagram to get a peek at their latest finds.

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– Kristin


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