Sagarmatha Curry Palace 43 King William Street

For a festive birthday week lunch, I was treated to a trip to Sagarmatha Curry Palace (formerly Flavour of Himalaya) by my friend and #HamOnt champion, Mark of Dr. Disc. As always, it was great to catch up, chat about music, and discuss upcoming events.


Indian food is still pretty new to me, and as I’ve documented before, but I’m not so good with spicy foods. Maybe it’s something that you can build your tolerance for over time. But I’m always up for trying something new. The restaurant serves up Indian and Nepalese dishes.

They have an expansive menu and I left it to Mark to recommend some ideas. Under the “Himalayan Delicacy” section we ordered the Chilli Chicken and Tama Boodi. Definitely spicy, but the rice and delicious naan bread helped me with that.



From the outside, I had no idea what to expect inside the restaurant. I’m so used to going upstairs to Baltimore House and only getting the smell of the cooking from below! Upon entering, my eyes were greeted to the rich jewel tones of orange, gold, purple, and turquoise, as well as the mahogany furniture. I enjoyed taking a peek around the space at all of the little details. My favourite piece was the gold-coloured Buddha figure.

This was another fun King William lunch discovery (for the second day in a row!) – an area I’m excited to see expand more and more.

– Kristin


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