Democracy Coffee House 202 Locke Street South

By Kandel Kindred

Hi, my name’s Kandel and I am a caffeine fanatic… There, I said it. I’ve scoured the city to find the perfect tasting caramel vanilla latte for some time now, and by golly I found it. Located on Locke Street South, behind the gigantic garage door window, sits a cafe known as Democracy, the home of my favourite latte.

Kandel Kindred at Democracy Coffee House
Kandel at Democracy Coffee House

Being a coffee shop they carry your basics: dark roasted java, espressos, lattes, etc. What makes Democracy stand out is their menu. Being all vegan and gluten free items, I was surprised how tofu could taste like ground beef on my Fries Supreme (a must to try), and how dairy-free cheese tasted like nacho cheese sauce. Another thing that was absolutely delicious was the s’mores bar… Man oh man… That’s all I have to say about that!

I’ve been pondering for sometime now whether to go vegetarian or not (but bacon is so delicious). So when I saw the menu and got a taste for false meat food, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m now highly considering the change over.


Another really unique aspect about Democracy is the chalkboard tables and walls. For a place that doesn’t have wireless internet they sure know how to entertain. Along with having a vast variety of board games to borrow, I automatically went to doodling on the table.

As an avid coffee shop goer and a lover of any good food, I’ve found myself constantly returning to Democracy for a yummy latte and a savory s’mores bar, and of course doodling all over the tables.


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