Doors Open Hamilton
Whitehern 41 Jackson Street West

On the second day of Doors Open, I visited another tourist attraction that I hadn’t been to since I was just a kid. My parents told me of our visit to Whitehern all those years ago and for some reason the event saw me playing a game of croquet on the grounds. There is photo evidence of this somewhere that I’ll have to dig up for a Throwback Thursday post. Needless to say, I was definitely due to return! The interior is stunning – it’s phenomenal that we have sites like this right here and are able to tour them.

While at Whitehern I learned about a free event coming up on July 6th – Downton Downtown. It’s a Downton-style garden party from noon to 8pm, and if the promo photo is any indication, it looks amazing. The event will feature vintage vendors, artisans, Let Them Eat Cakes, Hero Coffee, J.H. Gordon Books, and more. There will also be food and wine, live music, speakers, a children’s area, and a fashion show by Blackbird Studios. Read more info on the City of Hamilton website.

I also learned about Wednesdays at Whitehern which take place weekly from noon to 2pm, beginning on July 2nd and ending August 27th.

See Part 1 for my photos from Dundurn Castle and quick summary of the annual Doors Open event.

Without further ado – Day Two – Whitehern!

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  1. There are pictures of me somewhere doing an Easter Egg Hunt on the lawn of Whitehern when I was five or six. I need to track those down, too!

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