Boxcar Sound Recording Studio 468 Cumberland Avenue

Have you been following my Boxcar sessions? Get caught up on my chronicle of the new Ghosts of Memphis album in past entries.

It had been a couple of months since I last dropped by Boxcar Sound Recording Studio to check in on the progress of the new album by Trevor Howard and Gerry Finn (Ghosts of Memphis), produced by Matt Montour. I came prepared to document the day’s events, as always, with my camera and notebook in tow. There is always such a laid back vibe in the studio, so much so, that I completely slacked on the picture and note-taking and instead just sat back and took everything in. It was a quiet day of recording; just Trevor and Matt were in studio working, with brief appearances from Max Wray and producer Sean Pearson. The day was spent mainly by re-recording the guitar parts for the track “Save Me”. Trevor was aiming for the sound to be closer to what it sounds like during a live performance of the song.

Taken at Boxcar July 31, 2011

Taking a break to get some air, we strolled down the street to a nearby convenience store. It was unexpectedly mild outside for November, but we certainly weren’t complaining. The route of our walk took us directly across from Gage Park, which looked beautiful as we passed, with the warm colours of the fall foliage. We laughed, noting the irony of the fact that we were taking a walk beside the park, rather than through it. This is where I should have documented the day by taking a photo of the scenery – but alas, my memory of it will have to suffice. Sometimes you just have to stop and take in the moment. We passed by Connaught Fish & Chips, a well-known spot in the City for the popular dish – potential tour stop? Noted!

Back at the studio, now with Pop-Tarts, I also got some sneak previews of a few other songs – “J’Entend Ton Coeur” has come a long way since the first day Avishka and I visited Boxcar, when Trevor and Gerry were demoing the song for the first time. More instrumentation has been added, giving the song a much fuller sound, compared to how I heard it last. Matt and Trevor also played for me the newest version of “Water” – piano and cello have been added and it sounds simply gorgeous. Trevor also shared with me a brand new song he wrote specifically for the new album called “Hold On,” which will suitably be the album’s closing track. It’s a beautiful song that also includes piano and cello. I love the new direction these songs have taken since my last studio visit. Trevor and Gerry are nearing the end of their recording sessions, and I can’t wait to hear everything once Matt does his thing and puts it all together.

I’ll be checking in again – stay tuned for more from Boxcar!

– Kristin

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