Glow Juicery Hamilton 35 Pine Street

By Regan Katerenchuk

Being the health nut that I am, hearing words such as “juicery” and “all-natural” tend to have the same effect on me as hearing the music of the ice cream truck.  So, when I heard the news that Glow Juicery would be coming to town, I was stoked.

Located in the middle of the ever-charming Locke Street, Glow Juicery is a shop solely dedicated to creating 100% vegan pressed juices, fresh smoothies, and delicious raw food options.


As soon as I stepped into the shop, I was greeted by the smell of fresh fruit, and smiling faces, both of which had a positive and upbeat effect on the environment. The bright sun shining through the store’s large windows added a beautiful sense of warmth, which matched the energy that the employees radiated.

The employees at Glow are beyond knowledgeable of the benefits that a healthy lifestyle can provide. You can truly feel the positivity within the shop, and this goes hand in hand with the values behind Glow – “the belief that goodness comes from within—from the foods you eat to the way you treat others (and yourself).”


I got the opportunity to speak with some of the lovely employees at Glow, and learned a lot about the benefits from their recipes. The pressed juices are a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of vegetables. Juicing has plenty of benefits, and is a way to get your daily mineral and vitamin intake “without overtaxing ones digestive system.” The raw food recipes are purely plant, seed, and nut based. They are super high in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which I was told is the “fountain of youth” (aka: higher energy levels, brighter skin, ALL the good stuff!). When food is raw, everything within it is still alive and vibrant, resulting in more benefits for your body.


Glow obtains their produce from a local Hamilton company, which not only benefits the local rural community, but also ensures healthier produce for the delicious recipes!

I tried the raw Nanaimo bar, and let me tell you: it was AMAZING. I will definitely be back for another chunk of that delicious greatness. I also took home a pressed juice called “Glow Boost” and the mix of protein packed green veggies, açai and mint were not only wonderfully refreshing, but also SO tasty and energizing!

My visit to Glow Juicery not only made my taste buds super happy, but I felt great as well. I will certainly be back for another freshly pressed pick-me-up soon!


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