The Dill. Official photo.

By Kristin Archer

Throughout the year 2016, prolific Hamilton musician Dylan Hudecki a.k.a. The Dill embarked on an ambitious project – releasing one song a week over the course of 52 weeks. These tracks were a culmination of 18 years’ worth of crafting songs, in between a busy life of co-founding Junior Blue with Broken Social Scene drummer Justin Peroff, touring the world with Toronto band By Divine Right, and making music with brother Jackson as Cowlick, all while holding down a day job as a teacher and raising three kids.

The physical result of The Dill’s year-long release, called 52, was just as ambitious. The songs were released digitally, accompanied by a deck of cards, each card representing a different tune. Dylan asked local visual artists to design each playing card to compliment each song. “It was like a giant puzzle, putting the whole thing together,” reflects Dylan.

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The Dill. Official photo.
The Dill. Official photo.
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