The Zoetic 526 Concession Street

By Trish Gallant

Saturday, November 14th marked the 2nd annual Hamilton Sketchpack. The event brought 7 local sketch comedy troupes together for a non-stop evening of giggles. Matthew Surina not only held his own as host but as 1/3 of the group Aunt Francis.

The Zoetic
The Zoetic

Hamilton Sketchpack

Returning to this year’s rodeo were Aunt Francis, Safety Zoo, The Jimiboys, Recently Adults, The Awkward Rebels and The Porkchop Express. Happy Camper was the only group to make their debut.
With only 15 minutes each, everyone had to bring their A game and I’m preeeetty sure there wasn’t a moment when people weren’t laughing. Stand outs for me were: Aunt Francis, The Jimiboys, and Safety Zoo but I gotta give a shout out to The Awkward Rebels for being some pretty hilarious ladies.

Sketch comedy troupe Aunt Francis
Aunt Francis
Left: Awkward Rebels. Top to bottom: Happy Camper, Safety Zoo, The Jimi Boys
Left: Awkward Rebels.
Top to bottom: Happy Camper, Safety Zoo, The Jimi Boys

A lot of labour and love went into this event and a LOT of local advertising. Full disclosure, Matt is one of my dearest and I couldn’t be prouder of all his hard work. 250 people showed up and I hope that all of those people and all of YOU go like, follow, watch, tweet, and support each one of the sketch groups. I also encourage you to get out and check out the stellar local comedy scene here in Hamilton. It’s something I need to get better at doing myself.

Hamilton Sketchpack

A great place to start if you’re completely new and don’t know if you even like stand up or sketch comedy, is Hammer Night Live. It’s a monthly variety show hosted by, you guessed it, Matthew Surina. There is comedy out there for everyone!

Before I go, because I haven’t said it enough…

Matthew Surina.


P.S. Check out the Hamilton Comedy Hour on 93.3 CFMU Friday’s at 3pm. That’s right after the good ol’ I Heart Hamilton radio show ends. I hear that it’s pretty much the I Heart Hamilton Comedy Hour anyway 😉


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