Gemma New with Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

By Kristin Archer

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra continues to invent ways to connect with new audiences and push the boundaries of what one expects from live orchestral music. Last Thursday, HPO introduced a brand new series: Intimate & Immersive.

FirstOntario Studio was structured for a performance that would trigger the senses. The traditional orchestral set was shaken up to be performed in the round, with the audience seated directly in rings around the musicians. So close, in fact, it felt like we were all in an orchestra pit together. I wanted to be holding an instrument just to fit in! We were encouraged to move around any time and to choose different seats during each half of the show. In the second, I was sitting so close to the oboist I could have leaned in and tried to read the score. We couldn’t have been any more immersed in the performance; what a rare opportunity to be so fully part of the experience.

Thank you HPO for the complimentary ticket to attend the event.

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Gemma New with Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
Gemma New with Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
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