Jet Cafe 184 King Street East

Here we go – our second tour stop of Breakfast Month! Avi and I were headed downtown so we decided to try out a spot in the area. Jet Café is a place we must have passed by so many times along busy King Street, but never really noticed. In search of breakfast places to hit up this month, their all-day breakfast caught our attention.

I definitely did not expect the splash of colour I got as I stepped inside the unassuming brick building. As soon as I did, the sunny yellow walls, lined with framed photos and artwork, made it clear that Jet Café would make for a perfectly pleasant breakfast spot. With red and blue accents and marble-patterned tabletops, the café is bright and inviting. The place was bustling with people, no doubt regulars, coming in and out.

Their chalkboard and whiteboard menus boast quite the selection, but our choices were helpfully narrowed down as we zoomed in on the breakfast menu. Avi decided on the 2 Eggs, which come with homefries and toast, and also ordered a fruit salad. I went with the Cheese Omelette, which also comes with homefries and toast. The prices are extremely reasonable and the portions a fair size, we were pleased to note. To compliment our food, Avi went with some orange juice, a classic breakfast beverage, while I needed a little morning pick-me-up and ordered coffee. There was such a variety to choose from, but when I saw an organic roast called “Kick Ass,” I knew that was the one. True to its name, and I should have known, that coffee kept me alert for the rest of the day! Food and drink ready, we were set to tuck into breakfast.

In between devouring the best meal of the day, we got down to business with another A&K team meeting that we’ve been having lately at every tour stop. But we have no time waste – we have so many ideas in the works for the Tour.

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning and were impressed with our new find. Breakfast month is shaping up to be a fun one here at the Tour, and it’s looking like the theme will have to extend past February!

– Kristin

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