Gareth Inkster. Official photo.

By Kristin Archer

The Dill – “Did I Drop The Ball Or Miss The Boat?” [Listen]
You could say I missed the boat
But I can hardly swim
Prolific local artist Dylan Hudecki releases his debut record Greetings From which stemmed from an ambitious project where he released one song a week over the course of 2016. That collection called 52 was creatively released digitally with a physical deck of cards, each card designed by a different local artist. Those songs got whittled down to the 12 tracks on Greetings From, available as of August 10. Don’t miss the record release party on August 17 at The Casbah with Twin Within, The Crowleys, and rotating DJs throughout the night. Hear my chat with Dylan about the record on CFMU.

The Dill. Official photo.
The Dill. Official photo.

Josh Lamothe – “Ocean Of Stars” [Listen]
Just let go
Hear what I say
A million miles away
Local singer-songwriter Josh Lamothe released his debut EP Ocean Of Stars this spring, having collaborated with co-writers, producers, and session players who helped shape the final result. The title track is a great introduction to his music and is accompanied by a spacey video featuring Josh floating around amongst the stars.

The Great Fight – “Fake It Til You Break It” [Listen]
It’s crazy how we learn to doubt ourselves 
How are we supposed to grow when the world is out of touch
The Great Fight is the pop-punk influenced folk solo effort of Hamilton musician Michelle Lindfield. With a few releases already under her belt, the artist is now gearing up for the release her debut EP Something’s Missing which she’ll celebrate on August 29 at Doors Pub with Nordiques, The Midwife Crisis, and Jordan Hallin of Day Drunk.

Gareth Inkster – “Misfire” [Listen]
It’s hard for me to speak my mind 
When lately it’s been so hard to clearly define

Hamilton musician Gareth Inkster just released his debut album Last Year – a lovely listen for your chill summer playlists. Complimenting the album’s title, this beautiful collection of songs places the tracks in chronological order, giving the album a cohesive narrative. The record uses a full range of instrumentation, building to orchestral swells as well as existing in quieter moments. Gareth cites musicians such as Elliott Smith, Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, and Ben Folds as inspiration. Hear our chat about the making of the album on 93.3 CFMU.

Gareth Inkster. Official photo.
Gareth Inkster. Official photo.

The Dunlop Brothers – “Too Late To Go Back” [Listen]
In the search of the days I lost
Wondering where you are

Sibling duo The Dunlop Brothers (Matt and Justin Dunlop) just released a beautiful album, Vol 1, recorded at Catherine North here in Hamilton. The brothers grew up writing and recording music together and all of their work over the years lead to this debut album as a duo. The pair just played the Festival Of Friends and are set to take the stage at Locke Street Festival in September. Stay tuned for a record release show to come and tune into I Heart Hamilton this Friday (August 10) at 2pm on 93.3 CFMU to hear a live performance from the guys.

Sarah Beatty – “We Will Never Be The Same” [Listen]
Only thing we got is change
Hamilton troubadour extraordinaire Sarah Beatty first made her appearance on this blog when it began in 2011 and she has continued to create awesome music since. Sarah’s latest record Bandit Queen has received critical acclaim and reached #1 on Canada’s National roots charts. The record spans genres and moods and is described as a “cinematic adventure that recounts tales of truck drivers, religious figures, prehistoric geology, upside down turned around folk tales, millennial graduates, and other lady-based characters Beatty’s met or made up along the way.” We’ll see Sarah in town as part of her current North American summer tour on August 30 for a special show benefitting Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.

Sarah Beatty. Official photo.
Sarah Beatty. Official photo.

Calpurnia – “Greyhound” [Listen]
I wish I could go home, forget this ever happened
Vancouver indie band Calpurnia is led by Finn Wolfhard – known for his role in Netflix juggernaut sci-fi series Stranger Things. Together with Malcolm Craig, Ayla Tesler-Mabe, and Jack Anderson, Calpurnia took shape as the foursome bonded over their passion for music. Their debut Scout is a rollicking good time and released on Royal Mountain Records. Catch the band in the area on September 2 for the fest Royal Mountain at Rasberry Farm (at Royal Botanical Gardens) featuring labelmates Mac DeMarco, U.S. Girls, Ought, Dizzy, TUNS, Little Junior, and Everett Bird.

The Dirty Nil – “Bathed In Light” [Listen]
Our hometown boys just keep killing it! The Dirty Nil is set to unleash their new album Master Volume on September 14 and the big day will be celebrated in the best Hamilton way as the band headlines a Supercrawl stage during the 10th annual festival. Wet your whistle with the “Bathed In Light” video as well as a brand new track “Pain Of Infinity.”

khaki + haydn + sleepycatt – “Cold Water” 
And if you feel you’re sinking, I will jump right over
Into cold, cold water for you
This trio of electronic music wizards whipped up this remix of the Biebs for your dancefloor (or maybe your predrink) this summer. Crank this and follow each individual music maker for even more stellar beats.

Grand Analog – “Donna Summer” feat Maiko Watson [Listen]
When you move with me it feels like magic
If this one’s not already on your summer playlist, ooooh baby, get on that! Toronto-based band Grand Analog is a six-piece genre-defying ensemble full of good vibes and good beats. As frontman Odario Williams describes it, their sound is “a beautiful mess of rap’n’roll, dub and soul.” Their latest EP Donna Summer is out now featuring some perfect summer jams. We most recently saw the band in town at this summer’s Because Beer Craft Beer Festival and here’s hoping they come back around soon, because they’re magic.

Grand Analog. Official photo.
Grand Analog. Official photo.

The Bayfield Band – “The Past” [Listen]
When you’re truly ready
You can move ahead

Hamilton pop/rock/folk four-piece The Bayfield Band released a new self-titled EP this spring that is full of toe-tapping, easy going jams. It’s a great introduction to the band if you’re just discovering them (they revamped from their previous moniker The Littrels). Band members Ty Howie, Matt Kozma, David Gauthier, and Mike Dojcsak are probably familiar faces to you from various local projects over the years, and together they’re full steam ahead with this new batch of tunes.

Teen Ravine – “Bad Dream” [Listen]
I guess I’m a sucker for your company
Super duo Teen Ravine – Nick Rose (Dwayne Gretzky) and Dan Griffin (solo artist and ex-Arkells) is back with a new tune. Beginning with collaborative sessions in their apartment studios in 2016, the pair says they “explored themes of emotional alienation through the obsessive intimacy of bedroom recordings, all while aspiring to the west-coast pop/R&B vibe of the late 1970s and early 1980s.” Teen Ravine’s self-titled debut album drops in the knick of time for this Playlist, on August 31.

Teen Ravine. Official photo.
Teen Ravine. Official photo.
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