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The Beans – “Tengo Uno” [Listen]

The Beans are an exciting trio in the local music scene. I first connected with them through members of the band founding the creative collective and label, andthenyoudie. Last month, the band just dropped their second EP, I Can’t Understand. They were excited to share a new collection of tracks that felt more up to speed with where they’re at as a band, sharing: “It feels long overdue to put something into the world that bottles up some of our growth since the first EP, which were some of the first songs we ever wrote together, and recorded long before we ever had the experience of playing a show.” I was also stoked to finally catch a live show of theirs this year, outside at Barton Village’s Open Streets events.

The Beans

Buddah Abusah – “Tru Gemini” [Listen]

Hamilton based rapper and producer Buddah Abusah just shared Nostalgia EP, another stellar addition to his ever-growing discography. The artist calls it “The beginning of a new beginning,” and it was fully composed by Buddah and fellow local producer Millz Grillz. I was so glad to catch Buddah’s set at this year’s Concrete Canvas Art Festival, this time located at Pier 4 Park, and it was extra special, as this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of hip hop culture.

Buddah Abusah

Ellis – “forever” [Listen]
I’ve been thinking about the long goodbyes
You couldn’t stay away
To save your life

Pumped to hear new music from Ellis, the musical project of Linnea Siggelkow. This track has been in heavy rotation on my own autumn/heading into winter playlist. From her great 2020 debut album, Born Again, to her 2021 EP, nothing is sacred anymore, zero skips, as far as I’m concerned! So looking forward to his next era of music for Ellis. Check out the official music video!


In All Fairness – “Blurry” [Listen]
And it’s not my fault that I don’t have time
One step back too far behind

Emerging Hamilton emo-pop indie rockers, In All Fairness, have been releasing tunes since 2018, starting off as a solo acoustic project. Evolving from that point, the now full band is excited to share their latest EP, Everyone Leaves. It’s an awesome re-introduction to the band, or introduction, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure. Check out the music video for “Blurry”!

In All Fairness

Math Club – “Slapshots” [Listen]
I can tell you all about it
How it felt

Hamilton musician Wade Morrison delivered one of my favourite local albums last year, with Suddenly. I love his signature blend of melodic emo rock; you know instantly that it’s Math Club. The musician shares that he has been working on new music, and in the meantime, ends the year strong with this brand new single.

Math Club

Ben Somer – “Ivor Wynne Pine” [Listen]
You told me how we always lose
And you’re starting to get sick of it

A fitting new track for the season, as Hamilton just hosted the Grey Cup at Tim Hortons Field. Ben Somer and The Cold Winter take it back to the Ivor Wynne Stadium days! This track was recorded just down the rode from that sporty site, as well, over at Boxcar Sound Recording. Players alongside Ben include Matt Burns, Andrew Marshall, Jimmy Hayes, and Steve Deeps.

Ben Somer

The Peaks and Valleys – “Thought About You” [Listen]
Holding onto this
I can’t take it anymore
I can’t resist
I’m trying, I’m trying

The Peaks and Valleys is another new project on my radar, created by musician David Mosco, who describes his approach as “a sonic exploration of emotions, capturing the high’s and low’s of life’s journey. Every peak and every valley tells a unique story.” Another strong entry to this mix, and I could see a bunch of these bands playing a show together!

The Peaks and Valleys

Sundried Whales – “Socks” [Listen]
If you don’t want me no more
I’ll leave your baggage at the door

Rowdy rock’n’rollers Sundried Whales return with a new jam. The band shares: “We wrote this in 2019 after a long summer and somehow managed to put off recording it for 3 years (no, the demo does not count).” Worth the wait! The band has been hammering away, crafting their sound and playing a bunch of shows over the years. Always awesome to hear that hard work paying off!

Sundried Whales

Silvertone Hills – “Big Empty Sky” [Listen]
Somewhere along the way
I took a wrong turn

Hamilton rockers Silvertone Hills just released their debut full-length album, Limits, after honing their sound for a number of years now in the local music scene. The release is described as “showcasing the band’s influences proudly, from snarling ‘90s British melodies to ‘60s wall-of-sound ballads, stopping along the way for psychedelic detours,” and they worked with producer Zach Gerber (Walk off the Earth, USS).

Silvertone Hills. Photo by Jake Lamparski.

Ellis In Transit – “Cool Love” [Listen]
I can’t help it that it’s not enough
I can’t help it that it’s in my nature

Ellis In Transit continue to add dynamic rock tracks to their repertoire! “Cool Love” is the latest, and it will surely be another awesome addition to their live set. The band was born “out of a collective love for the golden age of rock and roll,” and that’s clear with every release, as they add their own stamp to the genre as well.

Ellis In Transit

Father Christmas – “Equalizer” [Listen]

Father Christmas shared a new EP this fall, EQUALIZER, with local label Wel Pel Records. The band describes this sonic experience as “This album is “a cohesive exploration of space, time and the complexities of relationships. There is a sense of tension and release from track to track, and is by far the most experimental release thus far.”

Father Christmas

The Tisdale – “Delta Disco” [Listen]

The Tisdale is a three piece instrumental groove-rock band, blending high energy grooves and psychedelic melodies. They recently dropped an eponymous EP, the band’s very first recordings. But the band has been jamming away for a year before that, and you may have caught them this summer at Art Crawl, or more staple local events like Dundas Cactus Festival and Barton Village’s Open Streets event. Or maybe you’ve caught them at their residency at The Capitol Bar.

The Tisdale
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