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Arkells – “Dance With You” feat. Cœur De Pirate and Aly & AJ [Listen]
On s’était vus, au loin, enfin
Ta peau brillait sous les reflets
Des miroirs au ciel qui abîmaient
Nos rêves, nos lendemains

Arkells brought the party last month with the return of their hometown show, The Rally, at Tim Hortons Field. I didn’t know when I would see a stadium show again, and it was a joy take it all in. The band just shared this new disco-inspired bop with Cœur De Pirate and one of my favourite indie pop acts, for many years, Aly & AJ! Arkells will drop their new album, Blink Twice, on September 23, which will feature even more collaborations, including Lights, Tegan and Sara, and Joel Plaskett . Watch the official music video!


Queen Cee & Duckai – “Find Yourself” [Listen]
It’s time that you know what you have
You’ll find yourself

So awesome to hear new music from local musician and multi-disciplinary artist Queen Cee – and this a jam for your summer playlists! She shares that while her years in music have always been driven by R&B, a change in her musical trajectory has been a long time coming, and she is now exploring her deep love for House music. I can’t wait to hear more! Catch both Queen Cee and Duckai’s sets during the annual Concrete Canvas festival – musical performances run July 22-24 at Woodlands Park.

Queen Cee

LifeandtheTribe – “Gone Leave” [Listen]
So hears to that boy on the weekend
Can’t call him my man, he’s my good friend
He’s gone and caught me in the deep end

More local summer bops! LifeandtheTribe is here to deliver. In her new musical era, after a great album, Eye-Sha (the extended version was released in 2020), her new tracks just keep getting better and better. LifeandtheTribe is the alias of Gambian-born/Hamilton-based artist Aisha Barrow. Previously releasing music under her birth name which means “she who lives,” Aisha wanted to convey the collaborative nature of her music and the “tribe” of musicians and producers who back her R&B-based pop-project.


James Favron – “Better Days (Remix)” feat. LTtheMonk [Listen]
And even when the storm comes
It never stays
There’s gonna be a better day

Two Hamilton artists collab for a feel-good summer jam. When writing the original track, James Favron shares: “For two weeks, I had a sweet little organ melody running over and over in my head, not sure where to start writing this song. Then all of a sudden it just hit me, and this song came out in 30 minutes.” From there, LTtheMonk hopped on for a verse, but they hung onto this version to release it later as a remix. Check out the official music video!

James Favron and LTtheMonk

Linebeck – “Bed” [Listen]
All my life here, waiting for something
Spend my days lost in mistakes

Local band Linebeck shared a taste of what we can expect from this new project with their demo, “In My Dreams,” earlier this year. Having formed during the pandemic, the band has had a lot of time to write songs, record demos, and hone their indie dream pop sound, before venturing into live shows this spring. Really enjoying this one, and pumped to hear more!


Miles From Nowhere – “Runnin’ Away” [Listen]
Take me away, I can’t stay here
Ain’t got much to say

Local indie soul musician Miles From Nowhere shares new A/B single release, RUNNIN’. “Runnin’ Away” is a beautiful, laid-back track, once again showcasing his effortless and groovy style, and musical craftsmanship. Miles shares that these tracks are “inspired by the youthful angst of Terence J Branagh. And the adventurous spirit of Jim & Sheila Branagh.” Keep an eye out for Miles around town; he is a frequent collaborator as well as a solo musician, and you can also catch him as part of the Evans-Branagh Band.

Miles From Nowhere. Photo by Stephanie Montani.

Ellis & The Techno Hall of Fame – “17” [Listen]
Before you say a word
Come and stand on the edge with me

Hamilton-based musician Ellis (aka Linnea Siggelkow) shared, “If you woulda told me at 17 that one day I would write and record a song with one of my very favourite songwriters, I’d have never believed ya!” She recently teamed up with Toronto musician The Techno Hall of Fame for this dreamy, nostalgic number. Check out the music video!

Ellis & The Techno Hall of Fame

Quiet Elk – “For You” [Listen]
Remember when I said I miss you too

From the local label Wel-Pel Records’ roster, Quiet Elk share a lovely new collection of songs, Demos From Love Stories. The pair, Ethan Paxton (also of the band Delta Days) and Heather Stinson, recorded the series of demos and musical interludes in a basement by Ethan.

Quiet Elk. Photo by Meg Paxton.

iskwē and Tom Wilson – “Stir The Ashes” [Listen]
I’m so many people, darling
I have so many layers

The beautiful musical partnership of iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ (Cree Métis) and Tom Wilson | Tehoh’ahake (Mohawk) continues with new single, “Stir The Ashes,” taken from their upcoming debut album together, Mother Love, which arrives July 20. The song was written and produced by Serena Ryder. iskwē shares: “‘Stir The Ashes’ is such a beautifully written tune. It’s one of these songs that I connected to from the first moment I heard it, and I feel like it gives people the opportunity to connect regardless of where you are or who you are. It paints a story of seeking connection, and especially in times like these, who isn’t looking for a little connection?”

iskwē and Tom Wilson. Photo by Heather Pollock.

ZYLA – “Let’s Go Let’s Go” [Listen]
I don’t want to wait until the next life

Hamilton rocker ZYLA, aka Nick Zyla, aka friendly shopkeeper at Yesterday’s Tomorrow Vintage & Antiques, just dropped his latest album, Animal. Check it out now on Bandcamp where proceeds from sales this month will be donated to Food4Kids Hamilton. Great timing to pick it up!


Dead Tired – “Tyrants Palace” [Listen]

Time to crank things up a notch with the new album from Hamilton’s Dead Tired – Satan Will Follow You Home. Fronted by Alexisonfire vocalist George Pettit, he shares that this album “is Dead Tired without the training wheels, no helmet, going off a ramp made of machetes into a piranha tank filled with pepper spray…also there’s a saxophone part in one of the songs.” Watch the official music video for this track.

Dead Tired. Photo by Nick Ball.
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