By Kandel Kindred

Arkells – “Private School” [Listen]
Around you I feel like swine
You’re divine

Being someone who grew up in the public school system there was always hogwash being spread about the private school kids having the most “expensive toys,” and gadgets on the playground. That being said, this song was a flashback to the days on the jungle gym bickering about how uniforms and horseback riding were a jealous must-have for us public school goers. “Private School” will be featured on Arkells’ fourth album Morning Report, dropping on August 5th.


Laura Cole – “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love” [Listen]
You were all rhythm no rhyme
With solo guitar strums and Laura Cole’s soulful pipes, “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love” was inspired by the noteable Amy Winehouse. Intertwined with jazzy notes and Cole’s twangy voice spitting the combined feelings of the sad, familiar, story of a broken heart and the importance of youth battling drug and alcohol addictions. Laura encourages everyone to visit the Amy Winehouse Foundation to learn more about the important work they are doing.

Good Anya – “Neighbours (Making Love)” [Listen]
The same kids having fun
Neighbours making love

Being shy isn’t always easy… especially living in residence. Good Anya combines defining key tones and slamming guitars as they tell the awkward tale of being the odd man out, with a hidden back story of a heartbreak. “Neighbours (Making Love)” is a fitting tune for the young adulting wallflowers.

The Retroaction – “Little Strange” [Listen]
The jokes on me, just let me be
Garage rockers The Retroaction come back with a new diddy, “Little Strange.” This music video to me is perfection. Old school blurry film, fairly simple, and a rockin’ party at the end of it all. “Little Strange” will get your head pounding and fists pumping for the whole two minutes and 37 seconds.

Matt Paxton – “Pasadena” [Listen]
Into the arms of another sound
For the past couple of years Matt Paxton has been working up something special. Working back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto, working alongside producer Aaron Goldstein (Daniel Romano, Lee Harvey Osmond, Bry Webb). “Pasadena” is on Paxton’s newest EP, Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight, and showcases performances by: Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq, Dan Mangan), Ryan Peters (Ladyhawk), Raven Shields (Wilderness of Manitoba), and Harlan Pepper.

Matt Paxton
Matt Paxton

The Velveteins – “Hanging From The Ceiling” [Listen]
Our heads are hanging from the ceiling
Velvety. Much like their name, The Velveteins bring to the table an absolute summer groove as they fuse together a heavy bass and pop-like plucks, influenced by the 60’s and 70’s. Being from the sunny town of Edmonton, they add shine to the dance floor, making your body sway along to the tune. Adding in a minor key breakdown in the middle to add the slightest bit of garage rock flavour.

Old Cabin – “Where Did You Go” [Listen]
The river says, the tools to mend my broken dreams
A simple hit of a drum and a smooth guitars eases your mind, as Old Cabin’s spacey vocals and matched harmonies take you on a peaceful journey across Saturn. As the tune carries on your spirits are calmed, uplifted almost. Suddenly a blast off. A pull of whammy and emerging strings appear from above, making your journey across the atmosphere enchantingly haunting all at once.

Coyote Black – “Blue Blossoms” [Listen]
All I do is blue, when you blossom for me
Hidden behind slop pop sounds, Coyote Black tells the familiar tale of a one-way break up, “…and your eyes forget about me.” Being on the confused side of the situation, it’s hard to comprehend that, “some folks lie,” just to get out of a relationship. An upbeat sad song is the best way to describe “Blue Blossoms.” Coyote Black’s EP will be available to the public on June 25th.

Jaunt – “Gentle Reminder” [Listen]
In their eyes, who am I
Psych-rock band Jaunt brings back an old flame, Usher, in their newest track. Fusing together soft synths and the reworking of “U Remind Me,” Jaunt created “Gentle Reminder,” as a (get this) a gentle reminder to not go back to the old love you once had.

Weaves – “Coo Coo” [Listen]
The diamonds glare as you stare
Beep bops and doo wops don’t justify Weaves, the creative quartet from Toronto. “Coo Coo” incorporates so many different sounds, from garage rock progressions to bright pop strums, making the title “Coo Coo” very fitting. Weaves’ debut self-titled EP will be out on June 17th.

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