By Kristin Archer

Jennifer Budd – “Church” [Listen]
Let’s go to church
Jennifer Budd is a dynamic new local artist on my radar. She released her first album Lip Service last November and it was recorded with my fave producer, Michael Keire at Threshold Studio. It’s an impressive debut and an amazing introduction to the artist who has already found her distinct sound. Jen is delivering a cool, soulful, jazzy sound that stands out from other local music I usually hear. I caught Jen live this month at The Casbah and she blew me away. Check out my recent interview with Jen on 93.3 CFMU where she also performed live in studio with Frank Koren.

Jennifer Budd. Photo by Katie Benfey
Jennifer Budd. Photo by Katie Benfey

Blajk – “French Class” [Listen]
You feel like you’ve found a home
You’ve been searching for so long
You’ve searched every single road
And you wind up here all alone

I discovered Toronto band Blajk since they have been touring with one of my fave Canadian bands, Young Empires. They had me right from the first listen of this tune – one of my fave jams right now. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Benjamin Muñoz – “Anchors” [Listen]
You’re all well aware by now that one of my favourite local bands is New Hands. They sadly disbanded last year, but I know we’ll be seeing and hearing lots of creativity from all of these guys. Benjamin Muñoz was the core of the band’s sound and he has now made his home in the UK. He has been working on tracks that are just now entering the blogosphere and getting him noticed. We were treated to a hometown show when Ben came home for a visit recently. His beats are something else – he has an exciting career ahead.

Juliana LaChance – “Customs” [Listen]
I can’t think of a more whimsical, dreamy individual than local artist Juliana LaChance. She brings love and good vibes wherever she goes, and that comes through in all of her creative endeavours too. She is a visual artist, musician, and filmmaker, and is constantly creating and experimenting. Crackle Pop is her latest musical offering where she delves into the world of electronic pop.

Juliana LaChance
Juliana LaChance

Emilio Bonito – “Midnight Runner” [Listen]
Emilio Bonito is local acoustic finger-style guitarist who crafts intricate instrumental songs. This new single demonstrates his talent and dynamic playing style. He’s another musician who stands out as doing something unique that I don’t hear from other local artists. Emilio is one of the many diverse local artists on the Maisonneuve Music roster – check em out.

Scott Orr – “Undeniable” [Listen]
If the clouds don’t open for me
Will you still be my love

Other Songs Music founder Scott Orr just released his fifth album, Everything, this month. It was nice to have my first listen of a couple of these songs be live, at a recent Other Songs Music house show. Which is fitting, because Scott recorded the songs in his own attic studio. That cozy, homey, intimate vibe is felt in all of his music. There is a lovely honesty and vulnerability to all of this songs. This album is a wonderful progression in Scott’s repertoire.

March 2016 from ihearthamilton on 8tracks Radio.

Great Danes– “Illusory Trails” [Listen]
We’ve previously heard albums from Benjamin Theodore (Reiki Share) and Damon Guyett (Naked House), and now David Appleyard is the latest member of Dizzy Spells to drop a solo effort, with his EP Stages. Bandmate Damon also chimes in, playing piano on a couple tracks. I’m always a fan of the sounds to come out the Dizzy Spells camp!

Pet Sun– “The Dawn” [Listen]
Super proud of the Pet Sun fellas for dropping their debut full length album this month on Sleepless Records. They launched into a tour in the U.S. – and if you follow any of the dudes on Instagram, Snapchat, etc, you know they are have a hell of a time. As they always do. Pet Sun will celebrate the album’s release in fine fashion, with a rowdy show at Doors Pub on April 2nd.

Pet Sun
Pet Sun

The Great Machine – “Walking the Dead” [Listen]
Three-piece powerhouse The Great Machine released their long-anticipated new EP Are In View on December 31st. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they’re one of my fave local live acts to catch. Looking forward to hearing these new tunes in person.

The Inflation Kills – “Churches” [Listen]
Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about The Inflation Kills, since they blasted onto the scene slightly before my time of delving into Hamilton’s music scene. Everyone was stoked for a new album from the band, Grounds For Termination, which was released in January and engineered by Sean Pearson at Boxcar Sound Recording Studio. The band also fittingly played a show recently in that space, which is perhaps their last one for quite a while. Check out the band’s interview on Southern Souls podcast.

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