The Crowleys – “Slowly” [Listen]
Fun for me is when I’m with you
Psych-pop band The Crowleys just dropped their first single of the year, signalling more to come with Wel-Pel Records! With this song, the Hamilton band shares “an experience in nostalgia of the minor rebellions from our youth and the feelings that come with it.  Skipping school, fast romance, and other interactions that we experience in adolescence are revisited with a gentle fondness that is only accentuated by the song’s melody.” Check out my interview with the band to learn even more about the track.

The Crowleys. Photo by Kerry Samuel Anderson

Delta Days – “Never End” [Listen]
Here we are dancing in the moonlight
Another Hamilton band in the Wel-Pel Records fam, Delta Days bring us another gem. The track is a look at the darker period of a person struggling to find solace. Ethan Paxton explains: “It’s about dealing with all the bullshit that comes up in life, friends lying, friends dying, and a sense of always searching for this well-being you can’t find.” The track was produced by Wayne Petti, Michael Keire, and Delta Days at Threshold Recording Studios.

Delta Days

Father Christmas – “Odyssey” [Listen]
I’d really like to know
(I’d like to know)
What’s on your mind

Hamilton’s psych groove pop duo Father Christmas just dropped a new single. They’re a recent addition to the local Wel-Pel Records roster. Describing the song, the team says: “The song lyrically and sonically reflects a feeling of floating in limbo. Father Christmas looks at how someone’s feeling in a specific moment, but is unable to express it through words. It’s an instance of wondering about what’s going on inside your own head, a journey to self-discovery and all the anxious feelings that come with it.”

Father Christmas

Dan Edmonds – “The Morning” [Listen]
I haven’t been crying
You can tell I’m lying
Hamilton singer-songwriter sweetheart Dan Edmonds returns with a new album, Good Fortune Assembly. The record is full of awesome collaborations from the likes of Aaron Hutchinson, Jason Bhattacharya, Adrian Underhill, Sam Weber, Lydia Persaud, Sara Froese, and more. On this single, we hear Luka Kuplowsky and Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien.

Dan Edmonds. Photo by Mariah Hamilton.

Family Of Things – “Harm” (Live) [Listen]
And I’ll continue to carry on
With broken heart in hand

Family Of Things continues to be one of my favourite local bands. They’re cooking up some new stuff, but in the meantime, they share a lovely live version of their track “Harm.” The band first released the song as a live video, and after a great response, they dropped it digitally on streaming platforms for fans to enjoy. You can also check out a live video of “Fazioli.”

Family Of Things
Family Of Things

iskwē – “Night Danger (Lovers Mix)” [Listen]
You crawled into my heart
Gripped me from the inside
I should’ve known it from the moment I saw you

iskwē just release The Stars, a re-imagination of her award-winning album acākosīk. Already a stunning album to begin with, now we get to hear this collection of songs in a whole new light. The emotional album features new arrangements (by Darren Fung) with iskwē accompanied by a trio of piano (Michael Shand), cello (Mariel Gonzalez), and violin (Laura C Bates) recorded live-off-the-floor at Revolution Recording in Toronto and a dramatic orchestral reimagining of this track, “Night Danger (Lovers Mix)” recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra (Prague). I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual album release event featuring beautiful performances from all of the songs, plus a conversation with Matisse from Keys N Krates.

iskwē – The Stars

Ariana Fig – “Ocean” [Listen]
Living like there’s nothing wrong
Local singer-songwriter Ariana Fig shares a brand new single from her debut EP Taboo, coming out on March 19. It’s a lighthearted, sunny track with a big 80’s influence. Ariana says: “I listen to different kinds of music constantly, but the 80’s will always have a special spot in my heart and my playlist.” Looking forward to hearing more from this up-and-coming talent.

Ariana Fig

nina joon – “so long <3” [Listen]
I wanna talk to you
Maybe figure it out
I discovered a new local artist thanks to my friends at 93.3 CFMU! “so long <3” by nina joon was recently the station’s Single of the Week. nina joon, a McMaster graduate from Dundas, released a couple of new tracks so far this year. Upon first listen of “old friend,” I was charmed as it reminded me of the quirky pop of one of my very favourite artists, Kate Nash. Another British pop act, Lily Allen, also came to my mind as I listened to this track, which nina says “is about movin’ on, being alone, accepting some truths.” nina joon also released an EP in 2019 called growing pains. I’m looking forward to hear more!

nina joon – so long <3

Ryan Sykes – “Obscure Reality” [Listen]
Only expect a little
But that’s always too much
Following his recent EP, All I Think About, local pop/R&B artist Ryan Sykes delivers another great track. Ryan says it’s “a song that helped me in a very dark place. I had lost myself as an artist and as a person due to an experience of being in hopeless and unrequited love. I figured that it was complicated for me to really move on from who I was because I was constantly putting the blame on myself and it truly felt like I kept drowning myself in these feelings and making it my fault. I realized I eventually had to let my old self go.” Ryan comes out stronger on the other side with this soulful, self-assured track.

Ryan Sykes. Photo by Hilary Gauld Camilleri.

Theo Tams – “Fixable” [Listen]
Are we living in illusion
Or living in the past
Toronto-based artist Theo Tams in an incredible talent on Hamilton’s Hidden Pony roster. The singer-songwriter has released a beautiful set of singles recently, the latest being the irresistibly catchy “Fixable,” which has a smooth 90’s R&B vibe. Theo says of the track: “There have been times where I’ve had to ask myself the question – is this too far gone? Is it broken? And if it is broken, can it be fixed? I think the foundation of all good relationships is being willing to admit when there are cracks and finding the quickest way to fix them – but that type of awareness can’t come if you’re blind to it.”

Theo Tams

Gisy Mohamed – “Is That Okay?” [Listen]
I’d like you
To be mine
Gisy Mohamed impressed with his debut EP 18 Years Young in 2019. I had a blast having Gisy in studio at 93.3 CFMU at the time for his first radio interview. Since then, the young artist has continued honing his craft. You can already hear the maturity and artistic sensibility taking shape with this brand new single, the next chapter for Gisy’s music.

Gisy Mohamed – Is That Okay?

LTtheMonk – “Everybody Wants Some” [Listen]
My first day
Of higher learning
Everybody want some
Of the higher purpose

Hamilton-based emcee LTtheMonk made waves locally with Kinks, Drinks & Hip Hop in 2019, making a name for himself through his smooth beats, precise bars, and dynamic stage show. He’s back with his first single of 2021, leading the way for a new full-length release – a concept album that references filmmaker Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and the late iconic singer Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, his favourite movie and album, respectively. Check out the music video for the track.

LTtheMonk. Photo by Stephanie Montani.

CoolFace the DJ & LTtheMonk – “Sous Bas” [Listen]
No matter the vibe
You know I need a fly type

The Hamilton hip hop scene delivers another solid collaboration. Coolface and LTtheMonk give an ode to beloved Hamilton nightclub Sous Bas. A space of immaculate vibes, curated sounds, and killer cocktails… we miss you, Sous Bas! Until we can dance together again, crank up this jam.

Coolface the DJ & LTtheMonk. Photo by Brody @becausedesignmatters.

Tokyo Police Club – “Breakneck Speed” (Andy Rourke Remix) [Listen]
‘Cause I’m still amazed you made it out alive
After what you did
Canadian indie gems Tokyo Police Club are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Champ. This terrific album is so fun to revisit, as is TPC’s entire discography! The new re-release features the album in its original glory, plus remixes and demos. The band is gearing up for a livestream in May – check it out!

Tokyo Police Club

King Park – “This Is The End” [Listen]
We talked about the places we’ve been
I’m not going back without you
Hamilton rockers King Park are back with a brand new single, delivering more of their moody, alternative rock sound we’ve come to love from the band. King Park is gearing up for a full length release, Everett, to come this year. Describing this new single, the band says, it’s “a straightforward break-up song, describing the exact moment when everything breaks apart and the person you are becomes forever altered.”

King Park

Teddy’s Atlas – “You Too, Said The Postman” [Listen]
I think I’m really starting to forget
Who I was before I met you
Guelph punk rockers Teddy’s Atlas describe themselves as an “emotional wall-of-sound.” Their debut EP Laugh! Cry! Die!, released in the Fall of 2020 demonstrates just that. They’ve got a high energy, gritty, and fuzzed out 90s edge to them; music that is meant to be cranked up!

Teddy’s Atlas
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