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Family Of Things – “Flowers On The Wall” [Listen]
Oh, I could never want it any other way
And if you had a reason that would make you stay

We could go out, we could go out, my baby

We kick off this springtime mix with another bop from Family Of Things! I was immediately hooked on this cheery jam from my first play. I love the singles we got last year and am super stoked for FOT’s next era. Originally forming in Hamilton, the pair have been on the east coast for some time, carefully crafting their sophomore album. At the top of the year, the band shared on Instagram: “Starting off the year by striking a balance between creative frenzy and stillness, and feeling grateful for it all.” Cheers to that!

Family Of Things

Fast Brake – “Riding With The Waves” [Listen]
Feelin’ the rhythm

Fast Brake is a new band on the scene in Hamilton, who had their first show last summer at The Corktown with Mindy Sins and Burn the Louvre. But it had been a long time coming, as the band had been waiting three years to introduce their live show. Fast Brake creates groovy alternative with some R&B vibes, as displayed on their debut recorded track, “Riding WIth The Waves.” Look out for an EP to come, and catch the band playing at The Corktown on April 15.

Fast Brake

Miles From Nowhere – “A Little Bit” [Listen]
Please don’t pretend
To be my friend
We don’t all make it to the end

Indie soul artist from Hamilton, Miles Evans-Branagh, a.k.a miles from nowhere, just dropped a new album called Slow Down. Kicking it off is the mellow and contemplative track ,”A Little Bit.” The album was recorded at local spot Fort Rose and was captured, mixed, and mastered by engineer Aaron Hutchinson. It features production efforts from Jason Bhattacharya, along with Miles, himself. It’s a wonderful next step in Miles’ discography, following 2019’s self-titled EP and subsequent singles over the last couple of years.

Miles From Nowhere. Photo by Steph Montani.

Alex Whorms – “One Day I’ll Be Gone” [Listen]
It’d be so nice to see you again
Don’t know if I ever will

Local singer-songwriter Alex Whorms is gearing up for her next chapter of music – her third EP is on the way this year. Leading the way, Alex just shares her gorgeously written tune, “One Day I’ll Be Gone.” I love the sentiment so much; it’s about being in the moment, appreciating all that you have now, and making the most out of life. Alex blends classic singer-songwriter pop with so many other influences, from jazz, soul, rock, classical, and folk. Looking forward to hearing what’s to come!

Alex Whorms

Marivon – “while anchorless we drift” [Listen]
I don’t know what I want to see
I’m still deciding who I’ll be

Marivon is the project from Hamilton musician Jill McKenna, currently based in Nelson, B.C.. Jill is a New York City-trained jazz upright bassist and shares that “this is the first full length album of music that I am leading.” None of this is Mine is a concept album featuring 14 musicians and crossing genres from singer-songwriter to jazz to hip-hop and back again. In keeping with the spirit of collaboration, “while anchorless we drift” is an expression of love for your friends. Check out Jill’s recent interview with Shad!

Marivon. Photo by Alex Balcer.

Duckai – “See You Through/PDA” [Listen]

I’ve been so impressed with Duckai (aka Ezekai Robinson) since his 2021 EP, DUCK!, one of my favourite local releases of that year. The producer, songwriter, and performer just shared his fantastic debut album, Future Vision. The release sees the young artist levelling up once more. It’s easily one of my fave local releases already for 2023. The artist shares that the eight tracks make up a concept album. He shared on Instagram: “I knew what I wanted for this album around December 3rd and completed it on January 31st. It was trial and error fr. Mixing parts of different songs and reusing old ideas to tell a new story was a key component in things even working out. Also, yes this album tells a story, but a fictional one based in reality. […] Once I finished this album I honestly felt like I sewed up a part of myself that’s been sitting in need of some expression.” Get this on your playlists, pronto!


James Favron – “Losing Control” feat. Ocevnside Clvb [Listen]
Can we make up our minds
Is there a compromise
‘Cause I don’t want to let go

James Favron delivers a new tune, “Losing Control.” The rapper and singer shared with me: “This one’s special because the topic of this song is ‘love lost in the metaverse’ and it was actually picked by fans for me to write about.” The collaboration continues, as the track also features songwriter, producer, and mix engineer, Ocevnside Clvb.

James Favron

Tewksbury – “BANDA MOUNTAIN – shn shn Remix” [Listen]

Douglas Tewksbury is an experimental and ambient musician based in Hamilton (he’s also an environmental researcher/professor at Niagara University in Lewiston, New York!). After releasing his debut solo album, Paths, in 2021, Tewksbury got signed to Hush Hush Records in Seattle. From there, he released his sophomore album, Brutes, last summer. The album features two long-form (20+ min.) compositions for human voices on very long (60+ ft.) analog tape loops, to build a pair of continually evolving, glacial ambient works. Now, the musician shares new interpretations of this work, with the EP Brutes Remixed. Tewksbury shared: “I realized at the end of the recording sessions that these long works could be a blank slate for other artists to bring in their own voices, their own perspectives on these songs.” Fellow Hamilton (now Toronto-based) musician shn shn collaborates to create a remix of “BANDA MOUNTAIN.”


Mister Rabbit – “Anyone” [Listen]
I don’t want no thunder
But it’s all I’m finding
I just want a little sun
And to feel it shining

Hamilton indie rock band, Mister Rabbit, is comprised of musicians from various project such as Teenage Kicks, Keegan Powell, and Sweet and Lowdown. Together, they cite inspirations ranging from Paul Westerberg, Wilco, and Constantines, to Phoebe Bridgers and Ruston Kelly. They mix it all into their indie rock sound, and are ready to share their brand new tunes. Look out for their first full-length album, End Of History Illusion, out March 30.

Mister Rabbit. Photo by Laura Kay Keeling.

Takes An Army – “Somethings Gotta Give” [Listen]
Inside your soul is a beauty unknown
You show it all over the world

A new Hamilton band on my radar is punk rock outfit, Takes An Army. The band is a family affair, made up of brothers Tyler (bass and vocals), Sheldon (drums) and Brandon (guitar). They share that this new track “reflects on the death of a friend and echoes the sentiment of not being able to catch a break in a world full of frustration, sorrow and pain. Even when you go to bed at night, your thoughts don’t stop.” It’s a reminder to live every day to the fullest.

Takes An Army
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