By Kandel Kindred

Dan Edmonds – “Love Can Be A Tunnel” [Listen]
Just like the highway bridge
Bound to break and be reborn

Dan Edmonds (pretty much Hamilton’s Bob Dylan) has teamed up with videographer and artist Taylor Heres to make us something pretty. damn. cool. “Love Can Be A Tunnel” is something you want to sway along with in a tightly squeezed room. Incorporating sea mammals and hundred dollar bills Edmonds makes you wonder, what the hell is love really? Is it something that comes naturally? Or is it something you work for to pay the bills? It’s cozy and warm, yet chilling up the spine. Edmonds’ debut solo album Ladies On The Corner is out now and he plays This Ain’t Hollywood on November 19th.

Island People
– “I’m Not That Used To Running Into You” [Listen]
Brought a brand new suit
To hide the mustard stain down on his shoes

Ever walk into a dingy bar and not expect to see someone that catches your attention? They could be anyone, a long-time-no-see friend, an ex, or they’re just “a distraction to the average eye.” It’s simple really, you just weren’t expecting to run into them, at that moment, in that place. Romantic? Yeah, a little bit. Ever so slightly creepy? Yeah sorta, though these unpeculiar moments are the ones pictionary wackos (like myself) dream of. Mixing in quirky lyrics and a little bit of saxophone, Island People’s newest off Big River: Lady Dancealot is sure a toe tapper.

Billy Moon – “Boyfriend’s Car (Butterfly)” [Listen]
I just wanna cut the breaks on your boyfriend’s car
How does that saying go? Cut some loser’s breaks or flutter like a butterfly? A little bit of a badass attitude shines through Billy Moon’s newest tune. It’s a raw garage-rocky sound with a hint of soreness; makes you wonder what the hell that guy did to deserve his breaks to be cut. The band’s latest offering That Which You Can’t Throw Away is available now.

Persons – “Persons For The People” [Listen]
Time stands still while you’re fighting it
With a funky background sound and a pulsating bassline, Persons set the stage perfectly for the busy body brains laying their thoughts down in a catchy head bobbing track. While listening to this song I find myself nodding to nearly everything the lyrics are saying, “If I had it my way it’d be a holiday.” Hell yeah I wish every day were a holiday.


Dark Mean – “Settle Down” [Listen]
Yeah I guess you’ll see all your insides
But I bet you’ll need a little bit of mine
Breakups can be rough. They never really seem to go as planned. Sometimes one sticks around trying to grasp whatever feelings that are left scattered around the floor. While the other walks down their own separate path, awaiting their next chapter. And as the final pages of the relationship unfolds, a mellow-defiant piano approaches from the distance to add in the finishing touch, the gentle to reminder to stay away, and not “come around anymore.”

Light of Woods – “Foxes” [Listen]
Crisp and airy, like a blissful autumn morning. Light of Woods paints you this charming picture in his instrumental track “Foxes” which is featured on his new album Field Notes. Light of Woods creates an airy natural sound that whispers through your ears, slowing down your every move, one guitar pluck at a time.

Kirty – “That’s Not Me” [Listen]
You tell me I’m distant
I just close my eyes
Kirty explains the familiar position of explaining to someone that you’re just not that into them. With catchy guitar riffs followed by an echoed synth, it makes the bitter situation way more sweet. The repetitiveness of someone’s lack of letting-go can get tedious, extremely annoying, if I may. With the constant argument being discussed over and over, and the constant on the phone or on Facebook conversations make it that much more of a hassle when all you are trying to do is explain that, “you’re looking for someone to keep your eye on, that’s not me.”

The Balconies. Photo by Daniela Navas
The Balconies. Photo by Daniela Navas

The Balconies – “Rhonda” [Listen]
Now they’re coming at me
They’ve been eating my brain
“Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda,” the familiar words of none other than… The Beach Boys. Whoever Rhonda is sure as hell knows how to pull anyone out of any situation. The Balconies know this as well. Whether it be a call for help out of your bed, or a little bit of self-discovery, Rhonda is your superwoman. Ready to sweep you off your feet at the first cry for help; better hope she isn’t late. See The Balconies live on November 15th at This Ain’t Hollywood.

Family of Things – “Don’t Look Back” [Listen]
You were thinking I was afraid of you
But I’ve been thinking overwise
“Don’t look back. Don’t ever look back. There is nothing there worth seeing.” These are the wise words of Family of Things. It’s a simple lesson we have all been told, walk forward and don’t ever look back. No good can come from dwelling on the past; you might as well move forward and search what your future holds for you.

Tomi Swick – “Bad Things” [Listen]
Coming from all over, to drown me out
A simple kick and calming slides take over your ears. Tomi Swick created a simple reminder that everyone has problems. Though bad things happen all around us, we have the tendency as humans to dwell on the negative and only focus on that. We have to remember to reflect on all the beauty that surrounds us as well. Whether it be waking up to birds chirping or the calming autumn sway of the tree branches, you always have to reflect on the situation and wonder, is it really that bad? Tomi’s latest album Yukon Motel is out now on Slaight. Check out Kristin’s recent interview with Tomi on 93.3 CFMU.

Tomi Swick. Photo by Tyson Dore
Tomi Swick. Photo by Tyson Dore

WTCHS – “You Own Your Bones” [Listen]
Your bones, they are your own
Heavy, yet catchy. At a first listen it almost sounds like the Jaws theme song all riled up. Suddenly, a voice emerges from the depths chanting the enraged words, “your bones, your bones.” Random trumpet bursts slash throughout the track, almost like a shark attack. WTCHS’ latest album She Walks She Creeps is out, fittingly, on Halloween.

Dead Tired – “The Prowler”
He’s going to rate your precious things
You’re walking down the crowded damp alleyway at 4 a.m. after a night of steady drinking. As you walk you hear a shuffle to the left of you; curious you turn around, nothing is there.

But there is.

Behind the dumpsters and trash bins lurks “The Prowler.” A tall, dark, terrifying creature that’s watching you, as it slowly closes in on its next meal, you.

Dead Tired
Dead Tired
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