The Crowleys – “Clarice” [Listen]
I was so lonely with you
I’ve had my eye on The Crowleys for years and they are one local band that’s next out of the gate for their well-deserved and much-earned moment! “Clarice” is a perfect introduction to the band’s next chapter. They were so stellar on the main stage at Supercrawl this year, and I can’t wait for what’s next. The band says the track “is about an uncertainty within yourself when struggling with mental health issues, as well as the lingering feelings of loneliness and sorrow that come with those experiences. Though the song is not about a specific person or event, it pulls from real emotions and a motivation to delve deeper into oneself.”

COVER PHOTO: The Crowleys

Family Of Things – “Basement” [Listen]
I’ll know if it’s worth it in the end
Family Of Things is one of my favourite local bands right now – get on board if you haven’t yet! I have watched them develop over the last few years and couldn’t be more pleased with how their debut album Oscilloscope turned out. This single alone has been on steady play for me since it dropped. Their live show is also so fantastic – I was thrilled to see them this summer rocking the River Bar at Budweiser Stage before Tame Impala! We’ll see Family Of Things at Mills Hardware on December 7. Hear my chat with Brad and Aaron earlier this year on 93.3 CFMU.

Family Of Things

Basement Revolver – “Have I Been Deceived” [Listen]
Love, I feel like I’m a prisoner
To a faith I hardly half believe
Basement Revolver just keep getting better and better. This fall we are treated to a brand new EP, Wax and Digital, and it’s their best release yet. Adding a new member, guitarist Jonathan Malström, at the tail end of last year added the final piece and pushed the band’s sound even further. Together they showcase a fantastic bunch of songs on this EP. We’re hearing more layers and influences, like the dreamy, country twag of this new single, making for an even more well-rounded sound. The music video for this one is also the sweetest, made entirely in stop-motion animation. Hear my recent chat with Chrisy on 93.3 CFMU.

Shawn Kerr – “Creature” [Listen]
My heart has been aimless for some time now
Local singer-songwriter Shawn Kerr has released a beautiful collection of songs with his EP Coming To. A must-add for your autumn playlists. The artist says: “Each song is about what you experience as you transform into a new beginning. For me, it’s ultimately about self-awareness. I’m letting openness, honesty, and love call the shots in my life from here on out.” Cheers to that!

Ten Kills The Pack – “When I Say You Are Killing Me” [Listen]
So when I say you are killing me
I’m merely saying the past six hours have felt like one
At that rate I won’t last long
You may remember musician Sean Sroka a.k.a. Ten Kills The Pack, as fronting the band Aukland. They were always a notable part of the I Heart Hamilton journey and a band I enjoyed working with. Sean has since been part of other projects, and his latest material as Ten Kills The Pack has really caught my attention. “When I Say You Are Killing Me” is easily one of my favourite new songs, and I’m not surprised in the least that it has already surpassed one million streams. Already a stunning song at the start, when it builds to include horns and strings, it is exceptional. Listen to my conversation with Sean this month on 93.3 CFMU.

Ten Kills The Pack

Onglish – “Move Together feat. Shanika Maria” [Listen]
I wanna move with you
Producer and DJ Onglish gears up for the release of Wav Pocket on November 1. Described as a “two-sided reflection on rhythm and feeling,” it’s an ambitious project that sees the ten songs split into two sides, with the songs from the Wav Side sampling elements from the songs on the Pocket Side. It’s also a star-studded cast, with the album featuring Lex Leosis and Keysha Freshh of The Sorority, Scribe, Shanika Maria, Earlybird, Kojo Easy Damptey, and Thaddeus, all of whom will be performing at the release show on November 3 at The Casbah.

Essen – “To the Yurt with You” [Listen]
You know me – my favourite local band of all time is New Hands. I’ll always be a ride or die fan, despite the band ending in 2015. Much of the band’s instantly recognizable sound was from the vocals of Spence Newell a.k.a. Essen. I’m delighted we get more music from the singer with Predictive Step, an EP released with local label Other Songs. The collection of songs is described as a “dreamy assortment of classic synthesizers (Moog, DX7, Juno 106), minimalist drum machines, and saxophone.” Spence has always been such an impressive vocalist, and paired with the electronic instrumentation, it’s a pleasure to listen to, and offers something entirely different.


Caribou – “Home” [Listen]
She does just what she pleases
‘Cause she’s happy on her own

Originally of Dundas, Dan Snaith a.k.a. Caribou (among other monikers) brings us fresh music, the first released under Caribou since 2014 (that last album, Our Love, still hits the spot every time). The new single samples “Home” by Gloria Barnes. Already an uplifting song, Caribou’s spin makes it all the more joyous. I could listen to an extended mix that lasts even longer – I’m never ready for it to end! Caribou plays a hometown show at The Studio on March 16, 2020.

Dan Edmonds – “Two Thirds of Fifth” [Listen]
Someone may treat you better
I know that’s the truth
It’s hard to believe it has already been three years since Dan Edmonds’ Ladies On The Corner, his first solo effort after Harlan Pepper disbanded. This skilled and ever-evolving musician is back with a new album, Softie, out November 22. With this one, Dan says it’s “an exploration of more ambitious sonic landscapes and grooves” and it was also “inspired by the art and music that I was consuming at that time. Paul Klee’s paintings – his use of colour and form – had a profound influence on me during the recording of this project.” The record was co-produced by Dan and Graham Walsh (of Holy Fuck). With two captivating singles already, I look forward to digging in further. Catch the Hamilton release show at Mills Hardware on November 17.

Alex Whorms – “I’ll Be Gone” [Listen]
It’d be so nice to see you again
Don’t know if I ever will
It’s a recurring theme with me – one of the most rewarding parts of exploring Hamilton’s music scene is witnessing artists develop. Alex Whorms is a prime example. Her musicianship and vocals have all matured wonderfully in the short time that I have known her, and the new EP Burgundy is wonderful. The five tracks move beautifully from more of a pop influence to Alex’s classical influence and talents taking a focus in the second half. Listen to my chat with Alex all about the EP on 93.3 CFMU (right on the release day!).

Alex Whorms
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