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The Crowleys – “Seasons” [Listen]
I’ve been waiting so long for these autumn
Autumn colours to call and I wonder
When will the leaves fall?

This one’s been a long time in the making! One of my fave local bands for many years now has been The Crowleys. The band has steadily crafted their signature sound; no doubt a rewarding process as it resulted in this fantastic debut full-length, Strange Seasons. The band shares that this track, “Seasons,” is the first song that vocalist Giuliana had written lyrics for since joining The Crowleys. The album, more broadly, they say “has taught us that through all things we move forward. Be that for better or for worse.” Also awesome to hear collaborations with fellow local musician, Mother Tareka, playing saxophone and flute on various tracks. Check out the music video for “Seasons,” shot on Super 8 film and directed by Rae Connell.

The Crowleys. Photo by Rae Connell.

Linebeck – “Give Us A Try” [Listen]
I can’t take another second
Second guessing ’cause I’m losing my mind

Linebeck are one of the local acts I was happy to finally catch live around town this summer. They just shared a new track, “Give Us A Try,” which they say “is about being in love with your best friend and deciding to just go for it, even though you might get hurt.” Check them out next on September 23 at The Casbah, and check out the festive, prom-themed lyric video!

Linebeck. Photo by Matthew Kelly.

Terra Lightfoot – “Cross Border Lovers” [Listen]
We are cross border lovers and we’re making up time
Cross border lovers and we’re ready to cross the line

Always a blast to hear new music from Terra Lightfoot! The musician is firing on all cylinders with new track, “Cross Border Lovers,” the first that she shared from her upcoming new album, Healing Power, due out in October. It’s everything I love about Terra’s music, a rollicking jam showcasing her soulful vocals and musical prowess. Terra says that the track was inspired by fans of hers who were in long distance relationships, as well as reflecting on her own relationship. Check out the music video!

Terra Lightfoot

Kojo “Easy” Damptey – “Black Futures” feat. ttwwrrss and Tom Altobelli [Listen]
Elevating through the matrix
Liberating through the motions

Afro-Soul musician Kojo “Easy” Damptey shares his third full-length album, Radical Thoughts, which features groovy, upbeat tracks, described as “eliciting an electro Afrofuturist sound.” It’s awesome to hear a new collection from this multi-faceted musician. The record also features productions from fellow Hamilton musicians OnglishttwwrrssYoung Dave Bangin, and Mother Tareka. Kojo describes the album’s theme: “The idea behind the album is that most often than not the things we call radical are usually the things that make our world a better place, whether it is abolition, building community and working towards the liberation of people all over the world.”

Kojo “Easy” Damptey

S.O.A.P. – “Dappling (Saturday Morning)” ft. Eye-Sha [Listen]
Know I’m awake
But I feel like I’m dreaming

S.O.A.P. is the dynamic duo of Toronto-based poet/rapper, Scribe, and Hamilton-based singer/producer, Onglish. Following up their great self-titled release in 2020, the musicians share that they have been building a sci-fi-themed trilogy of EPs that are rich with emotional depth, storytelling and experimental production. While they complete that ambitious project, S.O.A.P. treats us to their newest release, Whiff. Perfect for a late summer release, it’s a breezy and warm collection to kick back to.

S.O.A.P. Photo by Rose Senat.

LTtheMonk – “New Monk Swing” [Listen]
Centre of the dance floor

You know how much I love an LTtheMonk jam! The London-born, Hamilton-based rapper has done it again with “New Monk Swing.” The musician throws it back to New Jack Swing, sharing, “That’s the R&B and hip-hop subgenre from the late 80s and early 90s that was created by producers like Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and made hugely popular by artists such as Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown & Bell Biv DeVoe. The New Jack style was characterized by R&B melodies over hip-hop beats that you could dance to.  My style of music is dance music mixed with hip-hop lyrics and R&B choruses, so I feel a lot of similarities to the New Jack Swing. But, this is my own style, something new” Check out the music video!

LTtheMonk. Photo by Steph Montani.

Mrs. Louse – “5am” [Listen]
Stay awake or stay the same
Oh wait a minute

Mrs. Louse is the musical project of Jennifer Dreager. Another great new summer discovery for me – I saw the artist performing with fellow local talent, Melissa Marchese, at this year’s Festival of Friends on the main stage, where Melissa gave the project a shout out. Looking forward to hearing more stellar electro pop sounds from Mrs. Louse. Check out the lyric video!

Mrs. Louse

moon:and:6 x [zoethecat] – “Sputnik 1957” [Listen]

“Sputnik 1957” is the latest from multi-instrumentalist and music producer, Michael Chambers (aka moon:and:6, [zoethecat]). The artist shares that on this track, he draws from French downtempo luminaries like Air, Kid Loco, and Télépopmusik. The track fuses “sampled strings, horns, and electric guitar licks with otherworldly synth sounds,” plus an acoustic guitar and flute add even more layers to the soundscape.

moon:and:6: x [zoethecat]

Daniel Walton – “Through The Glass” [Listen]
Where were you when I was alone?
Could you come visit me
Would you be so kind?

You know may know Hamilton musician Daniel Walton from his previous band, Wooly Mantis. Daniel now shares more of his artistic self with his upcoming solo EP, Island, dropping this fall. He describes what we can look forward to as being genre-defying with “beautiful soundscapes, familiar grooves and instrumentation reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon folk rock scene of the 60’s, with complex modern arrangements, and ambient synth work.” To start, “Through The Glass” is a lovely introduction. Catch Daniel live in Hamilton on November 3 – check out his page for details.

Daniel Walton

Hannah Sloots – “Ready” feat. Jacob Early [Listen]
Last night I had a dream
You came and visited me

I always love discovering more local talent! Hannah Sloots and her self-titled debut album (released last summer) hopped onto my radar when I learned about Shaky Knees Club, a rotating songwriters collective that she founded this year with fellow Hamilton-based musician, Elise Arsenault. (You can learn more about it through my recent chat with Hannah and Elise on 93.3 CFMU!) Hannah has a background studying classical voice and has also sung jazz standards before venturing down the singer-songwriter route.

Hannah Sloots

Marshall Veroni – “Everybody Doesn’t Know” [Listen]
I am scared all the time
About what I’ll do

And speaking of Shaky Knees Club, I look forward to discovering more local talent through their curated shows and workshops. Marshall Veroni was part of the recent batch of songwriters who showcased their talents this month. Marshall is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter with an accomplished resume already, with a studio album, collaborative projects, international radio and television play, and countless national tours under his belt. He describes his song “Everybody Doesn’t Know,” released in 2021, “as a commentary on the way we value money and fame in relation to art.”

Marshall Veroni

Full Force Machine – “Come & Get Me” [Listen]
Been waiting here all day
Wouldn’t want to have it any other way

Full Force Machine is the new project from Hamilton musician, Adam Inrig, who has been active in the local music scene, performing with several different local acts throughout the years. The band released their groovy, high-energy debut EP, Bare Bones, this July, and took the stage at Doors Pub for their first show the following month.

Full Force Machine

Minimum – “Dead Key Drawer” [Listen]
Give a shake and wish upon that old Magic 8 Ball
That always says “don’t count on it” no matter what you ask

Hamilton band, minimum, recorded their debut album, m​:​n​:​m_m, with Amy King at Grant Avenue Studio, and mixed and mastered with Michael Keire at Threshold Recording Studio, two awesome local music-making spots. The band, composed of Tom Shea, Mike Blais, Kevin Woolfe, and Doug Scott, are a multi-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, multi-vocalist band, and pride themselves on a wide variety of influences that lend themselves to an eclectic mix original music.

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