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Bringing us to our next Playlist of the year, it’s springtime! As I mentioned in the last batch, I’m trying something new for 2024. I’ve been putting together monthly Playlists since 2011 (here on the blog and Spotify). This year, I’m going to give myself a little more time in between to gather more tracks, and round them up by the seasons in quarterly posts. Open up the windows and crank these up – it’s Spring 2024 🌸

(And don’t forget to send me your new music – I’m always looking for new local music to play on my weekly radio show on 93.3 CFMU!)

The Dirty Nil – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” [Listen]
The Dirty Nil – “Am I The Menace?” [Listen]
Our fave Dundas trio shared some new tracks as part of their deluxe version of their latest record, Free Reign To Passions. In addition to a new track and demos, we get a genius cover choice in “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” which was just in time for April’s historic solar eclipse!

Ellis – “it’ll be alright” [Listen]
Linnea Siggelkow returns with her second full length album, no place that feels like, and it’s a huge local favourite of mine so far this year. It was awesome to be in the audience for the Album Release Party in April at The Casbah.

Basement Revolver – “Pull Yourself Together” [Listen]
Speaking of deluxe albums, Basement Revolver shared a couple of new tracks with the release of the Expanded edition of their album, Embody.

Lost Faculty – “Whip of the Tail” [Listen]

Math Club – “Until It Breaks” [Listen]
Math Club – “The House, Settling” [Listen]

Ellis In Transit – “Suffocating” [Listen]

Camie – “GENESIS 3” [Listen]
Described as a “techno-symphonic journey through the gritty underbelly of her heart, mind, body, and fantasies,” Camie’s latest, POEMS IN THE ASHES, just dropped this spring.

Sarah Good and the Bads – “Oh Well” [Listen]
The Drifting is Sarah’s fourth full length, “leaping genres into musical adulthood that celebrates the bravery of vulnerability with patterned sound and explosive spirit.”

The Tisdale – “Electric Shrimp” [Listen]

The Emsee – “Eviction Notice” [Listen]

JR Bebble, Elley Jeeze – “Most” [Listen]
JR Bebble, Buddah Abusah – “No Stress” [Listen]

Lee Reed / Danny Miles / RULES – “Alarms / Elephant in a dress” [Listen]

Devin Bateson – “Tear My Eyes Out” [Listen]

spookyguava – “Lies” [Listen]

The Barettas – “Touché” [Listen]

Rexford Drive – “Seasons Change” [Listen]

HUG – “Eardrums” [Listen]

Andrea Arthur – “Pink and Blue” [Listen]

Isabella Chiarini – “Lose You” [Listen]

Hannah Sloots – “Was It Love?” [Listen]

Emma Elena Grace – “High” [Listen]

Colour Film – “Ain’t Coming Back” [Listen]
Colour Film, a.k.a. Matthew de Zoete’s new album, Half An Hour, was recorded in a three day live-off-the-floor session in January 2020. Following the onset of the pandemic and recovering from an injury, Matthew shares, “releasing Half An Hour now is kind of a re-birth for me, and the music still feels fresh and alive.”

Sarah Bellstedt – “elements” [Listen]

shn shn – “Glimmer” [Listen]
Originally from Hamilton, now Toronto-based, shn shn is the electronic experimental pop project from Shanika Maria. Their latest single “aims to take listeners on a journey that twists and turns as the music unfolds into its different parts.”

Granny Smith – “River of Memory ii” [Listen]
With his latest EP, River of Memory, Jason Bhattacharya represents the natural flow of time and space with the titles of each instrumental track.

Tewksbury – “Vika” [Listen]
Musician and sound artist Douglas Tewksbury shares Floes: Volumes I-IV, a 4-part suite of slow music, long-form ambient synthesizer and tape-loop works.

Caribou – “Honey” [Listen]
Originally of Dundas, Ontario, and now London, UK-based, Dan Snaith shares a brand new banger.

Kristin Archer is the creator of I Heart Hamilton (, where she has blogged about experiences around her hometown since 2011, growing a social media presence along the way. Encouraging locals to “be a tourist in your own city,” she promotes arts and culture across her various social media platforms, blog, and weekly radio show on 93.3 CFMU.

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