Something a little different for this Playlist – I Heart Hamilton is now on 8tracks!

I’m so pumped for Supercrawl that I wanted to kick off my inaugural 8tracks mix with songs by some of the artists I’m most excited to see this weekend. Check out the full lineup and schedule over at Supercrawl.

Supercrawl 2013 from ihearthamilton on 8tracks Radio.

Passion Pit – “The Reeling”
METZ – “Get Off”
The Dirty Nil – “Zombie Eyed”
Diamond Rings – “Runaway Love”
Said The Whale – “I Love You”
Young Rival – “Nothing You Know Well”
Ascot Royals – “Think You’re Better”
Wintersleep – “Resuscitate”
Cowlick – “I’m On Fire”
PS I Love You – “Sentimental Dishes”
Illitry – “Goshen”

See you along James Street North on September 13th & 14th!

– Kristin

Mural by En Masse outside Dr. Disc
Mural by En Masse outside Dr. Disc
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