I Heart Hamilton is excited to premiere the brand new music video from local folk-pop-rock artist AOIFE!

“SID” is the debut single from Irish-born, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter Aoife-Louise Doyle. She describes the song as “initially meant to be a love song. Over the years, it unfolded into a mix of conscious and subconscious voices of a person in love.” The perspective shifted, and the message took on a new interpretation: “The subject now realizes that the relationship is not working, but is in denial of its demise.”

AOIFE. Photo by Stephanie Montani.

The music video, directed by Steph Montani, feels like a familiar setting during the past year and a half – vibing out alone in our home, and going through a spectrum of emotions. I can certainly relate to that! The vintage feel to it perfectly suits AOIFE’s retro aesthetic, and the solo performance really brings out the emotions in her lyrics. It reminds of me the sequence of Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gabmit, on the verge of a spiral! Keep scrolling to learn more about the making of the video.

Watch the video now!

From the artist:
SID’s music video dives deeper into the conflicting thoughts and emotions that goes on inside someone who’s relationship is coming to an end. The dream like gown character represents the “happy” person in denial, where as the manic character trashing the place is in full understanding that the relationship is coming to an end and can’t take it anymore. Steph Montani really heard this in the song back in the demo stages and really understood how to delve deeper and bring so much more depth to SID.

Find the track everywhere now, including I Heart Hamilton’s October Playlist!

AOIFE. Photo by Stephanie Montani.
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