Shanika Maria. Photo by George Qua-Enoo

I Heart Hamilton is excited to premiere the brand new video by Shanika Maria!

Shanika Maria is an exciting new local talent that needs to be on your radar. The singer-songwriter releases her EP Childish Games today, available on all music platforms, accompanied by a video for the title track. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Hutchinson with Kojo “Easy” Damptey as executive producer. This lead single was mastered by Michael Keire of Threshold Studio.

The EP puts Shanika’s beautiful lyrics and soulful vocals front and centre. The intimate delivery of the delicate vocals and strumming of the acoustic guitar makes it sound like she is singing right to you, or as if we’re sitting around her in a cozy house show setting. The acoustic guitar, a gorgeous voice, and a powerful, emotive performance is one of the most captivating things to listen to.

In an official description for the video: “Childish Games” follows a family consisting of a mother and father and their young daughter. The family dynamic is strained, and the child is seen witnessing arguments between her parents. The video cuts between Shanika Maria singing the heartfelt lyrics and scenes of tension between the family unit. The child and Shanika Maria sometimes switch places in scenes showing the relation between the singer and the events of the video.

Don’t miss Shanika performing next at the festival Renaissance Music 4.0 this Saturday, August 12th at McClaren Park.

Shanika Maria. Photo by George Qua-Enoo
Shanika Maria. Photo by George Qua-Enoo

Thank you Aya Arts ALC for the exclusive!

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