Seven Sundays in Gage Park
Gage Park 1000 Main Street East

I was pleased to hear that the team behind Supercrawl started up Seven Sundays – seven summer concerts at Gage Park running from July 7th to August 25th (the last one being a bonus week with special guests!)


I unfortunately missed Week One with The Dinner Belles (which would have been amazing!) but I made it for Week Three. It was a lovely evening, even slightly cool. The rows of seats in front of the stage were almost full and more people were sprawled out all over the grass on blankets and lawn chairs. Dawn and Marra and Terra Lightfoot were about to take the bright blue bandshell stage.

Rudy's Paletas
Rudy’s Paletas

But before the show at 7pm, several food trucks load in at 6pm for dinner. About half a dozen food trucks were parked in a semi-circle around the park. I just wanted a small treat, so I beelined for the little cart with the red umbrella – Rudy’s! I met owner Clare Pearson who makes the paletas (Latin American fruit ice pops), which I had been hearing so much about.

With Clare’s recommendation, I chose the Raspberry Basil for my first Rudy’s experience. Many of the paleta flavours use herbs and spices, so the basil was a nice touch. Very tasty! Other flavours included Watermelon Lemonade, Mango Lime, Honeydew Mint, and Grapefruit Fennel. Clare makes all of the paletas herself and uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. I can’t wait to try some more flavours. The pink paleta looked so vibrant against the blue bandshell!

Raspberry Basil Rudy's Paleta
Raspberry Basil Rudy’s Paleta

Taking a seat, it was time for Dawn and Marra. The duo are always so much fun to watch. They each have an easy-going and relaxed stage presence and are totally at home up there. They entertain between songs with their banter and their music is a joy to listen to. I loved hearing new songs off Teaspoons and Tablespoons. They looked so tiny against the larger-than-life stage, but their beautiful harmonies carried into the evening air and into the crowd. Watch a clip of their song “Animals.”

Dawn and Marra
Dawn and Marra

Terra Lightfoot was up next and I was excited to hear her live because it had been a while. I must compliment her bright orange dress that popped against the bright blue stage. Terra, accompanied by a drummer and bassist, had a great set of older and newer songs. She told us she had a contest going with her Dinner Belles bandmate Brad Germain to see who could write the most songs in a week, and played the song she just wrote, which declared her the winner. Watch a clip from her set.

Terra Lightfoot
Terra Lightfoot

It was nice having two performers for this week, rather than the usual one, followed by an outdoor movie. It gave the artists the opportunity to collaborate. Terra joined Dawn and Marra for one of their frequent covers, “Cecilia,” and later on, the girls came up during Terra’s set to sing harmonies on Terra’s song “Homewrecking Girl.” Check out my video clips below.

Terra Lightfoot & Dawn and Marra
Terra Lightfoot & Dawn and Marra

Check out Seven Sundays in Gage Park for the remaining schedule. I’m very curious which Supercrawl performers we will see during that last week!

– Kristin

Update: Be sure to check out this year’s Seven Nights 2015 on the blog now!

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