Sound Cave Productions 148 James Street South

By Kandel Kindred

Below the grounds of James Street South lies the cozy hideaway otherwise known as Sound Cave Productions.

I Heart Hamilton first connected with Sound Cave back in 2014 when they covered The Playlist 3.0 and Kristin also interviewed them on 93.3 CFMU.

Starting off in split owner MacKenzie Coburn’s basement, he and longtime friend and business partner Brandon Consoli started Sound Cave Productions. After growing out their facilities they moved down the mountain to the center of the scene.


As you walk through the doors of Sound Cave you automatically feel at home. Being as the studios are in an underground building, it fits perfectly to that “home” feeling. Like you’ve just stepped into your bandmate’s basement to record your next hit single.

Mac and Brandon will do anything for any artist that walks through their door: from recording tracks, to filming a music video, acting as an agency, to even printing t-shirts. Doing this for anyone, especially up and coming talent, is something to be proud of. With rates at a reasonable price you can walk away with something incredible.


When in the recording suite, you can either bring your own instruments or use Sound Cave’s selection. They like to be viewed as a place to record and create as opposed to just a recording house. You can also mix your own tunes or get Sound Cave to produce for you. Check our their website for rates and services.

Not only are they music men, but the boys of Sound Cave are big promoters of anything art based. As a striving artist myself, it was pretty incredible to hear they will put anyone’s work up for the special price of nothing!


In the year of 2013 Sound Cave got a message from a close friend saying they won an award from The Hamilton Spectator for being a the best recording studio around town!


Brandon Consoli’s (Good Apollo) fifth album is out – Apollo’s Angels. Consoli incorporates bright hip-hop sounds fuzzed together with jazz notes and steady beats. He also includes local musicians such as: his brother Spaceship Nick (Nick Consoli), close friend Matt Coombs, Jay Portal (Jake Kiss), and more.

Be sure to check them out via all social media, under Sound Cave Productions, for shows, music, and so much more!


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