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This is a new one – my first post without having to leave the house. I grew up ordering take out every so often from Amy’s Wok and I always looked forward to the delicious Chinese dishes on their menu. Since I was preparing to pick out some of my favourites, fittingly on the eve of Chinese New Year, I thought I would make it a post.


This blog started with me trying to get to know my hometown better, and this is the perfect example. I just learned a lot about a local business that I’ve supported for years, by taking the time to read their website. (They have some amusing anecdotes about the speed of their delivery in their “About” page!)

The restaurant has been in Hamilton’s east end since 1990 and is run by master cook Amy Choi and her husband Danny Choi. They take great pride in the quality of their service and have earned a loyal following of customers over the years. They’re open seven days a week and have weekly and monthly specials (every Wednesday you get 20% off your pickup order).


Their food is always so fresh and delicious. I stuck to my usual suspects, but with a menu of around 150 items, I have to try some more.

Here’s a quick rundown of my samplings:
Appetizers – Egg Roll
Sweet & Sour – Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls
Rice – Vegetable Fried Rice, Whole Grain Rice
Chop Suey & Chow Mein – Vegetable Chop Suey
Seafood – Breaded Jumbo Shrimps with Lemon
Vegetables – Sauteed Mixed Vegetables, Sauteed Mushrooms and Green Peppers

And, of course, you can’t forget the fortune cookie. I quite liked mine:
“It is quality rather than quantity that matters. Do a good job.”

A fitting piece of advice for a blogger, no?

– Kristin


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