Thai Memory 25 King William Street

To kickoff our summer tour, we headed to Thai Memory, a delightfully quaint and homely Thai restaurant located downtown. Thai Memory leaves a great first impression right from when you first walk into the restaurant. Adorned with beautiful decorations reflecting the Thai heritage, we spent the first few minutes looking at the décor which included fans, parasols, lanterns, statues and colourful tapestries. There was even a water fountain which became the backdrop of our first ever summer tour group photo! The soundtrack of the evening was interesting to say the least, quite the mix of music which led to us brainstorming songs for karaoke.

As it was a Sunday evening, we were the only ones dining in. Prior to our visit, we had each taken a look at the menu (consisting of 20 pages or so) on the Thai Memory website and were in shock/dismay/disbelief/whichever adjective you can think to convey the former to discover the many options for food!

So began the decisions which involved a thorough look through the menu. Luckily there was no need to rush as we had time before karaoke to decide and work up an appetite and in the end, we all fared well with our choice of authentic Thai food.

We started off the night with a vegetarian appetizer plate consisting of an assortment of finger foods which we had way too much fun trying to divide into portions of three. Since a spoon and fork were our only cutlery options, we tackled the appetizer plate with as much might as we could muster and managed to divvy up the food. The tofu and seaweed kabob proved to be the most difficult.

Vegetarian appetizers

Kristin chose the Pad Thai for her main course while Carly selected the Pad Sukiyaki Haang. I was feeling daring and went for the Jungle Curry which the owner warned me was very spicy and suggested I get a side of rice. I’m glad I took his advice because boy was it spicy!

I’ve eaten at Thai Memory before and would personally recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of Thai food and is looking for something authentic. So to sum up part 1 of the tour kick-off, we were successful in trying out a new restaurant which is definitely looking promising for an encore later on this summer as well as learning new words, such as guanabana which is in fact a real fruit! If you don’t believe me, look it up. That’s what we did because, well, we’re cool like that. After finishing our first food stop on the tour, we headed over to Snooty Fox to check out some live karaoke!

xoxo Avishka (Avi)

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