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There are certain legendary Hamilton staples that you would think I would have visited by now. Bronzie’s is one of those. I’ve heard so many rave reviews of it and it was about time I experienced it myself!



Bronzie’s is located in a cozy basement on James South. It’s open daily and you can tell it’s the type of local restaurant that people swear by. All of the patrons looked perfectly at home. It’s got that Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name” vibe to it. You feel welcome right away.

Making my first visit even better, it worked out that they are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. Here’s to many more years, Bronzie’s!


My friend Luisa and I grabbed a corner table and weighed our options for our first Bronzie’s experience. The menu isn’t overwhelming, but there is lots to choose from and everything sounds great. After reading the sign outside, they had us at “sangria,” so we began our meal with a fruity toast.

We decided to split some garlic bread with cheese to start. The bread was light, crispy, and cheesy, and we were impressed with how much of it we got. We probably could have eaten more, but we had pasta dishes on the way.

The dinners each come with salad and piece of bread. As the empty garlic bread platter was taken away and salads were placed in front of us, we joked that it felt like we were at a wedding, with all of the dinner courses.

Garlic Bread with Cheese
Garlic Bread with Cheese

Everything is very reasonably priced, big portions, and deliciously homemade. There are a couple signs up that inform you that their food is all made fresh daily, and although it may take a bit longer, it “will be well worth the wait.” The wait wasn’t that long at all, and was absolutely worth it!

After much debate, I just had to pick something, so I went with the Cheese Ravioli. Luisa decided on the Lasagna. Two thumbs up (or four, I guess!) from both of us. Bronzie’s also has wings, subs, and sandwiches. Next time we really want to try the pizza.

I received such an enthusiastic response over social media when I updated live from Bronzie’s. It’s one of those special restaurants of Hamilton that people are so passionate about.

– Kristin

Lasagna (background) and Cheese Ravioli (foreground)
Lasagna (background) and Cheese Ravioli (foreground)

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