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There are so many new restaurants, it’s hard to keep up! Seema of This Must Be The Place and I were long overdue to catch up and collaborate on a Crossover post and we decided to explore one of those new spots.


Charred is a rotisserie house that serves up barbeque chicken cooked over charcoal. Walking through the door, you are immediately greeted to the delicious smell. It was really neat to see the charcoal pit behind the counter. Their signature homemade piri piri sauce is also what sets the family owned and operated restaurant apart from others.

The menu is simple enough that you should be able to zero in on what you want, but Seema and I still had quite the time deciding. You can order chicken combos with different sides and they also offer chicken to-go.

Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich

Seema chose the Chicken Sandwich – pulled charred chicken with peppers and onions, topped with aged cheddar, homemade piri piri mayo and cilantro. It looked so great that I will have to sample that next time. Taking a bite of it to try just wasn’t enough!

I ordered Charred’s Poutine (fresh cut fries, homemade piri piri cheese curds, and gravy) and added chicken on top (how could you not?!). I had the smaller size of the two, and it was huge! It’s absolutely in the running for one of the best poutines I’ve had. The piri piri sauce gave it a good zap of zest.


Seema and I both sampled the sauce first to get a taste. I went with a milder version and that was plenty for me, while Seema could handle the spiciness level of the hot one.

The interior of Charred is cozy and warm, with exposed brick, wooden floors, and tin ceiling. That’s a common style lately with a lot of new spots, but I love the look of it. It’s small, with just a handful of tables. It’s the perfect spot to get your chicken fix.

Read Seema’s post about our trip to Charred on This Must Be The Place.

– Kristin

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