Listen: Episode 385 (January 28/22)

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Hosted by Kristin Archer

Learning about the community-funded For The Culture mural (located at King Street East & Ferguson on the wall of The Salvation Army). The mural was created to support the Black Lives Matter movement and celebrate the global Black diaspora and all of the incredible culture and history of Black artists and creatives. I chat with the artists, Kayla Whitney of Koe Design, Aichoucha Haidara, and Tandeka Tremblay, who also collaborated with Empowerment Squared on this amazing project.

More info:
For The Culture mural
Koe Design Studio
Tandeka Tremblay / Instagram
Aichoucha Haidara art IG / design IG

Mentioned in this episode:
Hamilton Encampment Support Network
• Drop The Charges: gofundme in support of six youth activists’ legal fees
Lee Reed – “Drop The Charges” on Bandcamp

Intro & outro music by Devin Bateson


  • Lee Reed – “Drop The Charges”
  • CoolFace the DJ & LTtheMonk – “Sous Bas”
  • Elley Jeeze – “Knock” (Clean)
  • Mohamed – “Never There”
  • Gisy Mohamed – “Is That Okay?”
  • Father Christmas – “Infinite Time”
  • Alex Whorms – “Insensitive” (Jann Arden cover)
  • All Of Her Sound – “A Reason To Exist” The Volume Of Love
Episode 385 – For The Culture mural
Tandeka Tremblay, Aichoucha Haidara, Kayla Whitney at the For The Culture mural. Photo courtesy of the artists.
For The Culture mural. Photo by Kristin Archer.
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