Listen: Episode 409 (August 5/22)

I Heart Hamilton airs Fridays 2-3PM on 93.3 CFMU
Hosted by Kristin Archer

Mentioned in this episode: Clifford Brewing‘s Bash On Nash event [Saturday, August 6]


  • Distant Matter – “Do You Miss Me?”
  • James Alphonse – “All I Got (The Recipe)”
  • Neon Dreams – “Life Without Fantasies” Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams
  • Emily Jean Flack – “Goldie”
  • Family Of Things – “YKB”
  • Illitry – “Copper Sun” Dalinean Horses
  • Lizzo – “Break Up Twice” Special
  • CODA FACTO – “Out Of Reach”
  • J. Mann – “A.I.” Take The Wheel
  • Bryce Clifford – “Odd Man Out” Rebounder
  • Amos Waits – “Endangered”
  • Hilda – “Grand Rising”
  • shn shn – “maladaptive daydreams” e.strange.d
  • End of the World 1969 – “Home, Pt. 2” KIDS
  • Les Cooper – “Best Of You” Noise
  • Devin Bateson – “That Thing You Do” Bread On The Inside
Kristin Archer is the creator of I Heart Hamilton (, where she has blogged about experiences around her hometown since 2011, growing a social media presence along the way. Encouraging locals to “be a tourist in your own city,” she promotes arts and culture across her various social media platforms, blog, and weekly radio show on 93.3 CFMU.

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