Jay Perry photo shoot for Hilmer and Himson

Note: I participated in this photo shoot on June 20, 2012, and am posting the entry now to coincide with the launch of Jay Perry’s new business, Hilmer and Himson, on September 4th.

I keep mentioning all of the full circle moments I’ve been having throughout my travels in the city, and this day was no exception. Last summer, Avi and I participated in a photo shoot by one of my favourite local talents, the creative and inspiring Jay Perry, and it was definitely a highlight and a new experience. Almost exactly a year later, we got to be photographed by Jay again, with some more fun props!

Getting ready for my closeup
Krystal and Stacey posing for Jay

Jay contacted me with another photography project he is working on and I didn’t miss a beat when accepting to be part of it. Jay just launched Hilmer and Himson, a “Fun, simple, and classy” photobooth you can book for your next event – whether it be wedding, corporate event, or party. They come to your shindig fully equipped with backdrop, lights, and props, and all you have to do is strike a pose. A highlight of their service is that you get your photos back quickly – they are made available online the next day.

Check out their fun video to see the photobooth in action, scored by local favourites The Rest!

Hilmer & Himson – The Photobooth from Hilmer & Himson on Vimeo.

Along with friends, Krystal, Stacey, Vanessa, and Sarah, we got together to play a little dress up. We even did the shoot in the same building as last summer, which made it even more full circle. Us girls were among the first to be part of Hilmer and Himson and we were pumped!

We had so much fun choosing which props to pose with – different sets of lips, mustaches of all kinds, some bowties, and even a pipe. And we just couldn’t resist asking Jay to get in on a group shot. He sent over our final shots as he launched his brand new website, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see the photos.

I want to thank Jay again for having us participate and for being such a positive, inspirational person, and someone who I’ve been happy to get to know more through touring and blogging about the city.

Now, quick – someone book Hilmer & Himson for their wedding – and invite me! Or I may just end up crashing it.

– Kristin

Photo by Jay Perry. Hilmer and Himson.
Test shot. Photo by Jay Perry. Hilmer and Himson.
Photo by Jay Perry. Hilmer and Himson.
Group shot with Jay! Photo by Jay Perry. Hilmer and Himson.
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