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Kojo “Easy” Damptey – “See The Light” ft. Onglish, Chris Bruder & Tom Altobelli [Listen]
The darkness has held me down
And I can’t stand it anymore

Hamilton-based musician Kojo “Easy” Damptey has been rolling out brand new music which leads the way for his upcoming album, Radical Thoughts, due out this fall. The third single is the Afrobeat track, “See The Light,” produced by Hamilton-based producer Onglish. Kojo shares that “the song is about letting go of societal identities and prescriptions that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest.” Check out the music video!

Kojo “Easy” Damptey – ‘Radical Thoughts’ LP

AOIFE – “day dreamin” [Listen]
Let’s keep it like you’re still
You’re still mine

AOIFE is the Irish-born, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter, Aoife-Louise Doyle. Following her debut single, “SID,” the musician shares her first full collection of material with the EP, when all is said and done. It’s a beautiful blend of folk rock and pop, showcasing the artist’s impressive vocals and lyricism. AOIFE shares: “Without spoiling too much, there are undertones of heartbreak and growing pains scattered across, yet resolve is achieved through comfort in growth and a newfound lens of love. Most of these pieces correspond with a season that represents each state of mind, beginning in a cold space of loneliness, and after many cycles, thankfully concluding in a warm place of fondness.”

AOIFE. Photo by Steph Montani.

A Days Wait – “Indelible” ft. LISA [Listen]
I was digging up the past all by myself

I enjoyed coming across the Hamilton-based synth/dream pop project, A Days Wait, when “Indelible” caught my attention. The track also features another great local artist that I’m a fan of, LISA. It’s a perfectly breezy track for your summer playlist; right up my alley. The project has been releasing tracks since 2020, and the creators Adam and Trev have been making music together since they were in high school. They also share that proceeds from this project will go to charity.

A Days Wait

Granny Smith – “Egypt” [Listen]

Granny Smith, a.k.a. Jason Bhattacharya, is a multi-talented, Hamilton-based musician and producer. Dreamy new track, “Egypt,” layers a variety of instruments (acoustic guitar, rickenbacker bass, piano, wah guitar, bongos, tambourine, shakers), and Jason played the acoustic guitar solo overtop before finally recording the drums. Check out the visuals, a collaboration with artist and creative technologist Dan Tapper.

Granny Smith

Dan Edmonds – “\ /\ /itness” [Listen]
Dissolving into a witness

Singer-songwriter Dan Edmonds returns with new music after his great 2021 album, Good Fortune Assembly. And it is so lovely to hear it! Dan’s music has evolved so nicely over the years, into his signature, effortlessly crafted chill and dreamy sound. I look forward to hearing more from this new chapter. New album, Danny Boy, is out September 22. Check out the “\ /\ /itness” music video!

Dan Edmonds

Scott Orr – “Blue” [Listen]
I hope the heavens for you
Far as you want me to
Your blue is mine too

Prolific Hamilton musician and Other Songs label founder, Scott Orr, wrote and recorded his new album, Horizon, in ten days. Scott describes this collection of lovely folk/chill tracks as “easily the fastest and most fulfilling creative endeavour I’ve ever experienced!” It was a unique process for Scott, as he “chose to finish the record as quickly as possible to preserve the spontaneity of these new songs,” rather than attempting to perfect every detail.

Scott Orr. Photo by James Baturin.

Madam Sad – “Accepted” [Listen]
Covered in the
Glow glow glow glow

I first came across Hamilton-based, Lo-Fi queer folk artist, Madam Sad, on one of the Sounds Gay! Hamilton music lineups. It’s great to learn more about the artist through their recent releases. New single “Accepted” is part of the upcoming psychological horror concept album, Paradise, that is inspired by the cold reality of capitalism. Look out for the release on September 4. The artist shares: “I wanted to write a psychological horror screenplay, but I wasn’t sure that I could give up music. That’s when I realized I actually don’t have to give up either! Writing these songs gives me deep solace when I grieve over the tragedies that I can’t control. I hope this project can give you comfort as well, whatever that may be.”

Madam Sad. Photo by Aronno Kazi.

Ariana Fig – “Cherry Coke” [Listen]
Stuck in a motion
Tossing and turning
Until the cycle breaks
I’m staying open

Hamilton-based singer-songwriter, Ariana Fig, leans into her folkier side with brand new single, “Cherry Coke.” The songwriter shares: “This song is so special to me, it isn’t autobiographical but rather a reflection of experiences from loved ones. I found a piece of myself in it by the end and I hope you do too.” Catch Ariana as part of the City of Hamilton Summer Concert Series – August 20 in Barton Village, which also coincides with Barton BIA’s next Open Streets event.

Ariana Fig. Photo by Chloe Kendel.

Alex Whorms – “Faded” [Listen]

Alex Whorms shares a beautiful new instrumental EP, Once, In A Dream. The Hamilton composer, singer-songwriter, and pianist returns to her classical piano roots, as Alex studied classical piano since she was 7 years old. She became inspired to compose these pieces during the early pandemic days. She found herself gravitating to instrumental pieces: “I found it impossible though to put my feelings into words,” she shares. Alex continues to share that the lead single, “makes me think about pushing through sad times and holding on until you reach the next moment of happiness. Because even though the inspiration came from a place of unhappiness, expressing those emotions through the piano resulted in a beautiful piece that I really truly enjoy playing today!”

Alex Whorms. Photo by Ruth Chan.

AM$ – “Bed of Roses” [Listen]
The temperature is rising

AM$ is the Hamilton-based R&B singer-songwriter, Alaica Miniano. Definitely an emerging local artist on my radar for over a year now, and I was excited to hear new music. AM$ describes her sultry new single, “Bed of Roses,” as “a heartfelt romantic R&B song that paints a picture of an enduring love story.” The artist was also eager to put as much effort into the visual element as well, sharing on Instagram: “The visual impact of a video can be just as powerful as the music. Ever since I started this music thing I’ve always looked forward to making music videos. This is just the beginning wait til I start poppin n lockin like them old R&B music videos.” Check out the music video, which perfectly captures the vibe of the track.


Ryan Sykes – “It’s Time To Say Goodbye” [Listen]
I guess you never know
When it’s time to say goodbye

20-year old, Hamilton-based pop/R&B singer-songwriter Ryan Sykes shares a beautiful and personal new song. Describing the single, he shares, “This song is for anyone who has had to come to terms with saying goodbye to someone. It can be extremely difficult, I guess you don’t know what you have till it’s lost.” Ryan followed up this track with another rendition – “It’s Time To Say Goodbye (Original Version)”.

Ryan Sykes

Ellis In Transit – “The Trip” [Listen]
I said I’m tired of tripping over excuses

Rock’n’rollers Ellis In Transit are in fact, on a roll, with their psychedelically-tinged style of classic rock. “The Trip” is the latest spin in this British-Canadian (based in Hamilton) band’s ever-growing repertoire. Ideal for this late-summer mix; add it to your road-trippin’ playlist!

Ellis In Transit

The Beach Bats – “Limbo” [Listen]
Listen to the waves
As they lap up
against your dreams

Local rock’n’roll trio The Beach Bats share the title track from their sophomore album, their first new music since 2019. Expanding upon the album, the band shares: “The seven songs deal with a variety of themes. Some deal with the difficult psychological dances people do together. Others deal with the violence that lays on the outer edges of our imaginations. Others still question why we trap ourselves in our personal Limbos to begin with. Ultimately, we have created a collection of music that we hope provides the listener with musical variety and a chance to reflect and relate.” It was recorded and engineered at Boxcar Sound Studios in here Hamilton, by Sean Pearson.

The Beach Bats

Sundried Whales – “Don’t Feel Bad” [Listen]
I don’t even feel bad
I don’t even feel bad

Digging the brand new one from Sundried Whales! The spunky, alternative Hamilton band keeps getting better, and this may just be my favourite track from them yet. I can imagine how much fun it would be to catch live! Sundried Whales remain ones to watch in the local scene. Check out the music video!

Sundried Whales
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